15 Most Popular Luxury Car Brands of 2021

Cars, everybody wants one, most people have one, but how many are made by a luxury car brand? Luxury car brands quickly set themselves aside from the average car manufacturer to bring to life a beautiful piece of machinery to not just be driven, but to also be appreciated and experienced. 

Ever since the first car was made back on the 29th January 1886, cars have continued to become a status symbol. Lets face it, we all want to be the person turning heads pulling up to the function in a Lamborghini.

As production readily caught up to the demand to have a car as the years went on, cars became cheaper and easier to own. However, whilst the standard car made from a reliable manufacturer should, in theory,  start, stop and have a guarantee that it will get you from A to B no problem, luxury car manufacturers quickly focused on a unique gap in the market. 

A car that consists of super sleek, high end features and the ability to go far beyond the capabilities and generally basic necessities of your standard car.

A luxury car brand is generally a brand of car which has increased performance capabilities, usually also displaying lavish and fancy interiors and boasting some of the leading technology the car industry has to offer. 

So, which brand of cars are considered luxury car brands? There are many to choose from, low end, entry level  luxury cars to high end luxury cars. Does more expensive always mean it’s going to be better? Let’s delve into the world of luxury car brands and see what screams bang for your buck. 

The Best Luxury Car Brands

There are a few things worth noting before we jump start our list of the best luxury car brands. There are many different types of luxury car brands, which offer a wealth of different things.

Luxury car brands can produce a wide variety of vehicles, these can range from your standard saloon or hatchback car, to an SUV, a truck, sports car or in some cases even supercars.

Whilst all of these, for the most part will do the same thing generally speaking, which is allow you to drive wherever it is you need to go, we’re going to look at which car brands are considered luxury, and which luxury brands are the best. 

So, in no particular order, here is a list of the best luxury car brands that you can consider when you finally convince your wife to let you upgrade your wheels.



Origin Country: Germany

Popular Vehicle models: Porsche 911/Porsche Macan/Porsche Cayenne 

Average Price: $175,000

Porsche has always been considered a luxury car brand and is usually what we all dream of when we retire. Porsche boasts some stunning entry level sports cars that won’t break the bank account quite as much as some of their ‘more sporty’ models, making Porsche a great first time luxury car brand to consider if you’re looking for a reliable sports car.

Porsche are also focusing their energy on the production of high class, sleek electric vehicles with a sporty twist. A perfect, future proof luxury car brand.

  • As a Porsche is not classed as one of the more ‘affordable’ luxury vehicles, you get to feel like you’ve set yourself apart from other luxury car brand owners with your sleek car complimented by fine tuned German engineering. 
  • Porsche have been building and manufacturing cars for well over 70 years. With decades of experience in luxury cars, you can be guaranteed world class precision engineering coupled with expert design, you can be confident you’re getting a good looking, reliable vehicle. 
  • They’re super safe.
  • Porsche’s are collectables, meaning the price tends to go up, so think of it as more of an investment. 
  • They’re rather expensive to buy and to maintain, maintenance can be rather costly.
  • Some of the more ‘sporty’ and luxury cars only come with two seats, meaning a Porsche might not be the ideal family car. Sorry, you’ll have to leave the kids behind! 
  • Your neighbours will be mega jealous. Maybe this should be in the Pros column…



Origin Country: Germany

Popular Vehicle models: BMW X5/BMW 3 series

Average Price: $45,600

BMW, otherwise known as Bayerische Motoren Werke, is probably one of the more popular luxury car brands around. Bringing lots of power and an affordable price range, BMW is a common choice for a nice, entry level luxury car. If you’re looking for a luxury car brand which has everything you could possibly need, then BMW might just be for you. You can find everything from SUVs, Saloons, hatchbacks and lets not forget BMW’s highly powerful German M power sports models. 

BMW are swerving their way into the luxury electric vehicle market, bringing the company well into the electric motor race. Let’s also not forget, the M3 and M4 models which boast huge power. BMW also has some very nice classic luxury cars, but be prepared to pay.

  • BMW’s are awesome, performance is kept at the forefront with these cars, regard
    less of which model you might choose. Everything from comfortable sports suspension to turbo power, driving a BMW gives a true sense of power on the road.
  • BMW aren’t known as a luxury car brand for nothing, they have probably some of the nicest interiors on the market which won’t look dated in a decade.
  • Most of the Models are rear wheel drive or all wheel drive, making them great fun if you know how to drive them.
  • Whilst luxurious to drive, BMW’s can often be expensive to repair should anything go wrong. A luxury car needs luxury parts.
  • Some earlier models had some issues with engine trouble, so definitely try to opt for a newer model if you can.



Origin Country: Japan

Popular Vehicle models: Lexus CT 200h/Lexus RX/Lexus LS

Average Price: $63,000

Hailing from Japan, Lexus is one of the country’s most luxurious car brands, sporting huge technology features, often being praised as a reliable and affordable luxury car brand. Lexus provides drivers with a comfortable interior, smooth driving experience and some great safety features. The perfect luxury car brand should you want a family SUV or a cool, sleek saloon model. 

When it comes to cars, Japan certainly captures the enginuity for great performance. Lexus’s ES model even boasts a 3.5L V6 engine with a huge 302 bhp. You can be confident you’re getting a great luxury car for a reasonable price while not suffering performance wise. 

  • Owning a Lexus is generally a little more cost friendly compared to other luxury car brands, such as their German or American friends. 
  • Luxurious interiors designed for maximum comfort, allowing for a smooth, comfortable ride.
  • Great hybrid options to be more eco-friendly on the road.
  • The giant grill might be off putting for some, you will love it or hate it.
  • Lexus cars are not particularly sporty looking, they definitely give off a very mature vibe.
  • Arguably have one of the worst interfaces on the market.



Origin Country: Italy

Popular Vehicle models: Huracan/Aventador/Gallardo

Average Price: $340,000

Italy’s notorious super car manufacturer, Lamborghini is probably everyone’s dream car. An absolute weapon on the road, the super cars offer high performance, beautiful design and some incredible customisation options making them one of the best luxury car brands on the market. 

Lamborghini offers modern technology, recently integrating Amazon’s Alexa to allow for voice activated controls. If you’re looking for a car that combines speed, luxury, comfort then Lamborghini might just be for you. 

Believe it or not, Lamborghini used to be a tractor manufacturer and still is to this day, however they’re supercars are definitely much faster. Lamborghini has some of the coolest looking supercars on the market, making you definitely stand out from the crowd. Chances are, you’ll hear a Lamborghini before you see it.

  • Fast. Really fast.
  • Super fun to drive.
  • Luxury interiors
  • A real head turner
  • Very expensive for the average guy
  • Maintenance can be extremely costly.
  • Comfort can be debatable.



Origin Country: Germany

Popular Vehicle models: A4/A5/Q5/RS6

Average Price: $70,000

Audi is a well known luxury German car brand. Combining smooth driving, excellent engineering and modern looking designs. Audi is the perfect balance between a luxury car brand that is both reliable and fun. Offering a range of different car models from the popular Q5 SUV to the A3 hatchback, you can find just about anything to suit your needs and be guaranteed a stylish vehicle.

With clean, aesthetically pleasing interior designs, Audi’s S-Line models offer improved comfort and a more sportier look.
If you prefer something a little faster, their RS line offers some huge performance specs, with an untapped ability to be tuned to produce some staggeringly high horsepower. 

  • Sleek interiors and slender exterior design make them beautiful to look at.
  • Audi’s are seen as a status symbol, if that’s something you care about then an Audi is a great way of saying ‘look at me’.
  • The RS line brings comfort and performance together for a monstrously powerful car.
  • Audi’s whilst great to drive, unfortunately depreciate in value very quickly.
  • Audi’s don’t have the most durable interiors, wear can happen fast and easily.



Origin Country: United Kingdom

Popular Vehicle models: Wraith/Phantom/Ghost

Average Price: $400,000+

Seen by many as the height of luxury, hailing from the United Kingdom, Rolls-Royce is one of the most absolute luxury car brands on the market. Offering many limited lines of luxury supercars, Rolls-Royce has become a popular luxury car brand choice for many of the world’s wealthiest individuals. 

You can hope to find a high-class interior fit for a royal, combined with a boxy, mean exterior design giving the Rolls an aggressive road presence. Whilst Rolls Royce are by no means the most expensive luxury car brand on the market, you can expect to have almost every minor detail customized to your every need, all part of the prestige of owning one of their luxury vehicles. 

  • Rolls Royce has some great customization options. 
  • Probably the most luxurious car you will ever drive.
  • Powerful engines combined with a mean, box-shaped design give an aggressive and present road presence. 
  • The limited-edition models are collectibles and will increase in value.
  • Rolls Royce is one of the most expensive luxury car brands
  • They’re huge, good luck with parking.
  • Expensive to maintain. 

Land Rover


Origin Country: United Kingdom

Popular Vehicle models: Range Rover/Evoque/Defender

Average Price: $140,000+

One of Britain’s more luxury car brands, Land Rover is great if you’re looking for a high class SUV and is the perfect luxury car brand for a family vehicle. Land Rover produces a safe line of SUVs ready for any terrain. If you want something that can handle country roads or desert tracks then why not look into their Defender model?

Or if you fancy something suitable for some luxurious urban driving then why not check out the Evoque model which is slightly smaller but still offers great comfort and performance. 

Land Rover have also recently developed air conditioning which purifies the air, a huge step in air conditioning technology. A luxury car brand which is suitable for families or some solo driving, you’re sure to enjoy everything Land Rover has to offer as a car brand. Not to mention, you could opt for the SVR model to experience supercar like performance and an extremely powerful engine.

  • Brilliant for off-road driving.
  • The perfect family vehicle while simultaneously being the perfect sporty SUV.
  • Extremely safe thanks to their all aluminium shell, the same as an airplane. 
  • Like all luxury car brands, Land Rover’s are expensive to buy and repair.
  • Poor gas mileage and isn’t very eco-friendly. 



Origin Country: Germany

Popular Vehicle models: C-Class/A-Class/E-Class/G Wagon

Average Price: $50,000+

Mercedes-Benz is part of the luxury car group known as The Daimler Group. Mercedes is one of the most popular luxury car brands around. Straight out of Germany, you can be sure you’ll find awesome German performance power coupled with aesthetic, luxury interior design.

The luxur
y automobiles Mercedes has to offer are unmatched in terms of suitability, whether you need a luxury family car, a luxury business car or a luxury sports car, Mercedes has it all. The gap between Mercedes lower entry level luxury cars and they’re high end super cars is huge. 

Whilst you get all the luxuries of comfortable suspension, smooth transmissions and nice engine performance in many of the base C/E/A-Class modules, nothing can compare to the 1,200 horsepower the AMG One has to offer. 

If you’re looking for a powerful luxury car, you might just have found it. If you’re mid life crisis can’t quite afford the AMG One, then why not look to Mercedes AMG line of their C/E/A-Class models for boosted performance and incredible interiors.

  • Luxury at an affordable price.
  • Mercedes vehicles are very safe.
  • Expect a luxury experience when you go to buy from a Mercedes dealership, you can expect free food and drink as well as a luxurious lounge to relax in while you sort your new car.
  • After driving a Mercedes, you may not be able to drive a non-luxury car brand ever again. Mercedes will have you hooked into the world of luxury cars.
  • They can be expensive to repair.
  • Mercedes unfortunately depreciate quickly.



Origin Country: France

Popular Vehicle models: Veyron/Chiron/Divo

Average Price: $7mil+

Bugatti is probably the most luxurious car brand in the world. Manufacturing some of the world’s greatest super cars, luxury is a given when buying a Bugatti. Offering some of the most expensive supercars, Bugatti is known for their incredibly high performance cars and many limited edition supercars that many can only dream of owning. If you have the budget, Bugatti is definitely the best that money can buy in terms of a luxury car brand. 

Bugatti cars come with some of the most premium and expensive materials the world has to offer, many of which you won’t find in your standard luxury car brand. Owning a Bugatti is definitely going to make you the centerpoint of anywhere you drive the luxury car. Bugatti is all about the driving experience, style and excellence. 

A luxury supercar brand like no other, you can be sure to expect incredibly high horsepower engines encased in the most beautifully designed car body’s on the planet.

  • All eyes will be on you.
  • The bodywork is absolutely otherworldly.
  • Performance is next to none.
  • Luxury, bliss and ecstasy combined into one car.
  • The price is, well, huge. You probably won’t be driving a Bugatti unless you possess several million dollars.
  • Parts are incredibly hard to source and it’s expensive to fix.
  • It’s almost too nice to drive.



Origin Country: USA

Popular Vehicle models: Model 3/Model S/Model Y

Average Price: $100,000+

Elon Musk’s all electric powered Tesla is arguably one of the most luxury electric car brands on the market. A unique luxury car brand that quickly took the electric car market by storm with their long lasting batteries, slender and handleless exterior designs coupled with panoramic interior views, Tesla might just have it all when it comes to feeling like you’re driving an incredibly luxury car brand. 

Tesla is currently the highest valued car manufacturing company in the world, with stocks doing very well. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly car while still keeping all of the luxurious traits of other luxury car brands, then why not consider a Tesla? Lets face it, it would be an easily justifiable midlife crisis purchase that helps save the environment.

  • Tesla cars are electric, meaning you’re not only saving the planet, but you’re also saving money on gas so it’s a win win.
  • They’re surprisingly fast, the Model S can easily compete with Lamborghinis and Ferraris on a straight road 0-60mph drag race. 
  • Awesome, luxury technology.
  • Due to their big batteries, they can take quite some time to charge.
  • Tesla’s are priced quite high compared to most other gas powered cars of a similar size and performance rating.



Origin Country: Italy

Popular Vehicle models: Ghibli/Quattroporte/Levante

Average Price: $110,000+

If you want a luxury car brand that portrays you as mature but still has a lot of power under the hood, then Maserati might just be the luxury car brand for you. With sleek exterior designs that won’t have you looking out of place while urban driving, Maserati boast some beautiful car models, including their all new hybrid model, the Ghibli.

Known for their unique grunting exhausts and high performance engines placed in an aggressive-looking sedan built for tearing it up on the highway. 

Class and simplicity come to the forefront when looking at what Maserati has to offer. Not to mention, Maserati’s MC20 model won the ‘Best of the Best’ prize at the highly acclaimed 2021 Red Dot Awards. Mid tier luxury cars to supercars, Maserati has a lot of Italian heritage.

Using Ferrari engines you just know you’re getting a secret road weapon. Not to mention their attention to detail on many of the interior features.

  • Probably one of the nicest looking car brands on the road.
  • Uniquely styled exterior and interior design make Maserati’s beautiful looking cars inside and out.
  • Will definitely turn a few heads.
  • Parts can be hard to source, and finding a mechanic who knows his way around a Maserati can be challenging. 
  • Unreliable.
  • Earlier models used some Chrysler parts which isn’t ideally what you want when spending over $100k on a luxury car.



Origin Country: United Kingdom

Popular Vehicle models: XF/E-Pace/F-PACE

Average Price: $65,000+

One of the hottest luxury car brands to come out of the UK, Jaguar offers that classic, luxury feel we all want when buying a new luxury car. You’ve probably seen some old couple cruising the streets in the swanky vintage jag and thought, yep that’s what I want to be driving when I retire.

Offering luxury sedans and luxury SUVs, Jaguar has it all when it comes to being a versatile luxury car brand. Well known for their stylish exterior designs paired with simplistic and modern interior designs, Jaguar is a great first time luxury car brand to consider. Not to mention their all new electric I-Pace model, allowing you an eco-friendly luxury vehicle. 

If the basic, common Jaguar models aren’t doing it, fear not, as you could go for one of their sports car or race car models which boast absolutely huge road performance.

  • Super fun and smooth to drive.
  • They look very sexy. 
  • The quality for the price is arguably unmatched.
  • Insurance can be very costly.
  • Expensive to repair.
  • There may be a niche market when it comes to selling your Jaguar.



Origin Country: Sweden

Popular Vehicle models: XC40/XC90/XC60

Average Price: $45,000

With unmatched Swedish safety technology, Volvo is a luxury car brand with great safety ratings and features. Unlike Ikea, you can be sure that the build quality of your Volvo is superb and will last you a lifetime if well cared for.

Volvo has you covered for travelling in style, you can choose from a wide range of hot hatchbacks, SUVs or slick sedans. Volvo has multiple models that sit nicely in the IIHS Top Safety Pick List, so you can feel comfortable and safe when traveling in style.

Volvo is aiming to become an all-electric manufacturer by 2030, so if you want a luxury electric car, then Volvo is definitely worth checking out, you won’t be disappointed. With Volvo, you can drive a luxury car that’s safe, reliable, nice looking and comes at an affordable price. Making it one of the best luxury car brands to consider when upgrading your car.

Whilst the entry price is low, you do get a lot of car for the money, especially when it comes to design. Volvo is taking a sleek, futuristic and modern approach to car design, with sharp exteriors combined with comfortable, simplistic interiors. 

  • Volvo produces some of the highest safety rated vehicles on the market. Making it the perfect choice for a safe, luxury family car.
  • Luxury at an affordable price.
  • Very reliable.
  • Volvo’s can be expensive to fix.
  • Due to Volvo being a foreign car, parts can be hard to source and require a mechanic that knows their way around a Volvo to fit them.




Origin Country: USA

Popular Vehicle models: SRX/XT5/Escalade

Average Price: $55,000

Cadillac has been around for a while. Producing many sought-after muscle cars which are still to this day considered luxury classic cars. Known for their futuristic designs and great build quality, Cadillac is another great brand bringing luxury at an affordable price.

You can find a range of models to suit your needs, SUVs to sedans or if you want to splash out and buy a luxury vintage classic for your man cave, then Cadillac is the brand for you. 

Cadillac is progressively trying to redefine luxury for the average American. Bringing you a comfortable, well rounded driving experience. Cadillac is also keeping themselves competitive with the release of their luxury electric vehicle, the Lyriq. So, if you want an eco-friendly car brand, then the Cadillac dealership is definitely worth a visit.

  • Bathe in the lap of luxury with lavish interior design.
  • High power performance for the price. 
  • Absolutely tons of space for cargo, people or anything else you want to shove in your car.
  • They look awesome.
  • Some of the nicest luxury vintage cars if you can find them.
  • Unfortunately, the fuel economy isn’t great.
  • Some models can be a little unreliable.
  • If you’re buying a used model, some interior features can seem cheap and not so worthy of a luxury car brand.



Origin Country: Italy

Popular Vehicle models: F40/Dino/365 GTB

Average Price: $410,000

Another one of Italy’s finest luxury car brands, Ferrari is a world class luxury car brand boasting absolutely huge performance specs as well as having some of the nicest looking sports cars on the market. Regardless of whether you want a sports car, a supercar or a luxury SUV, if you have the money, then chances are that Ferrari has something worthwhile buying. 

With a big price tag, Ferrari definitely has a lot to offer for the money. They say money can’t buy happiness, but have you ever sat in the driver seat of a Ferrari? They’re incredible to drive with an aggressive road presence and the sounds from the exhaust resemble something of an angelic choir to supercar enthusiasts around the world. 

  • Insane performance and power.
  • It’s a Ferrari.
  • Superb handling.
  • Very, very ridiculously fast.
  • They are incredibly expensive to acquire. 
  • If anything were to ever scratch it, you would be apoplectic
  • You may be scared to drive it and put miles on it because it is such a nice vehicle. Some of them are even collectibles.
Your Ideal luxury Car

Whilst we have only listed 15 luxury car brands,  there are many more luxury car brands originating from around the world for you to choose from. Ultimately, which luxury car brand you choose will depend entirely on your budget and what you want from a luxury car. 

What makes a car brand luxury for you? Is it defined by performance? Price? How comfortable is it? Design? Many of these are what make a luxury car brand, and it is up to you to decide what luxury means for your own personal needs and requirements from a vehicle. 

Regardless, you can feel confident choosing one of the luxury car brands we’ve listed whether you need a new luxury family car, a mid-life crisis sports car, a supercar or something reliable to get you from A to B in style.


Can A Luxury Car Be A Family Car?

Absolutely. Luxury can be completely determined by you and what you class as luxury. You can certainly find a range of luxury SUVs or luxury sedans capable of transporting your family in style. Why not consider luxury car brands like Volvo or Cadillac for an affordable luxury car.

What is the Fastest Luxury Car?

If you want a luxury car with some speed, why not check out luxury car brands like BMW, Audi, Maserati, Ferrari or Bugatti? BMW and Audi offer some great entry level sports cars with high performance, such as Audi’s RS line or BMW’s M3 or M4 models. If you want to splash the cash on a speed demon, then why not look into a Bugatti or Ferrari for some high speed luxury performance.

How Do I Choose A Luxury Car Brand?

Choosing a luxury car brand can be difficult, but it will ultimately come down to two things. Your budget and what you want from a vehicle. If you don’t have a massive budget then you can look to brands like Cadillac which have beautiful interiors with high performance giving you the best of both worlds. 

Or why not consider a Porsche if you have a bit of a bigger budget, they’re really fun to drive and look the part. If looking cool is all you care about, you can opt for brands like Lamborghini which boast lavish, flash supercars.

Your Next Baby

If you’ve been looking for a new baby to love, cherish, and slap the hood when the neighbour asks where you got your car, then hopefully our list of the best luxury cars have given you some fuel for thought. Now all you need to do is go grab the money from under the mattress or remortgage your home.