5 Tips for Maintaining Your Car in Winter

If you’re lucky enough to be living somewhere with a warm climate, we’re super jealous. Unfortunately, we, people who live in cold climates, must endure the daily struggles of bad weather and frostbite.

Maintaining your car is challenging as it is; Now, add to it the harshness of winter. Preparing your vehicle for the winter is essential as the frosty conditions can seriously affect your car and reduce its lifespan.

Some car owners choose their vehicle based on its capability of enduring the long cold winters. Other people, on the other hand, are satisfied with equipping their vehicle with the necessary accessories to thrive in such conditions.

Whether you fit in the first category or the second, keeping these helpful tips in mind is critical if you desire to sell your car in UAE.

Here are a few tips that would help you maintain your car through the cold winter:

  1. Switch to Winter Tires

Most of us drivers almost have a mini heart attack when our car starts slipping on icy roads- whether we care to admit it or not.

However, the risk of slipping and crashing is significantly reduced if you install winter tires. Unlike seasonal tires, winter tires are made of soft rubber, making them super flexible, especially in the harshest conditions.

Moreover, they exhibit impeccable grip on snow and ice because of their unique tread patterns. This increases their value, which is helpful if you want to get a car valuation in Dubai.

Although winter tires definitely reduce the likelihood of slipping and sliding on icy roads, they don’t eliminate the possibility since they aren’t an instant fix. However, winter tires do have increased traction than regular ones.

  1. Check Your Battery

If you park your car outside in the freezing winter, then chances are your car battery is already worn out or drained.

Winter is your vehicle’s worst enemy, as the cold weather drains about 30-60% of your car’s battery power, diminishing its lifespan. Therefore, battery maintenance in such conditions is crucial for prolonging its life.

To prevent the feeling of exasperation while attempting to start your car, it’s best to take your vehicle to a repair shop to check its battery. It might need replacing if it is too weak.

If you want to save time, you can also replace it by hand using professional equipment.

  1. Pack a Survival Kit

You might ask yourself, are survival kits worth buying? Will they ever get used?

Of course, we sincerely hope you never get in a situation where you need one to survive; Nevertheless, keeping one in your car is essential for emergencies, especially in winter.

Imagine yourself stuck in your car in the middle of a blizzard or on a deserted road with no one around except for several inches of snow surrounding your vehicle- that’s when the survival kit comes to the rescue.

What does the kit contain?

It usually consists of the following:

  • Shovel
  • Jumper cables
  • First-aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Thermal blanket
  • Ice scraper
  • Flares
  1. Check the Antifreeze

The first thing your eye spots when you arrive at service stations is the “Flush and Fill” sign.

Although it isn’t as crucial for urban drivers, it’s tremendously essential for people who live in colder areas since it keeps your engine from freezing in icy conditions.

That’s why checking your coolant before heading into winter should be prioritized unless you’re okay with your engine overheating.

  1. Check Your Fluid Levels

As simple as this tip is, it’s relatively easy to miss at times.

The cold weather severely impacts your oil’s effectiveness, making it worse as it thickens the oil. Consequently, this reduces the engine’s circulation.

To avoid such problems, you can adjust to the bad weather by switching your oil with a thinner oil.

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