5 tips from SCRS, DEG: EV connector protection, pre-repair operations & more

5 modern “Quick Tips” videos released by the Modern society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) serve to fill collision repairers in on safeguarding connectors on electric vehicles, how to adequately retail store elements, employing gravel guard, the importance of pre-measuring and pre-diagnostic alignment, and why melting and mixing clearcoat is a not-included procedure.

Each and every Speedy Idea video attributes Mike Anderson, CEO of CollisionAdvice.com and Danny Gredinberg, Databases Improvement Gateway (DEG) administrator.

Here’s a roundup of the recommendations posted on SCRS’ YouTube channel:

“Protecting Connections on Electric powered Vehicles”


“As we start off to see the advancement of EVs, electric powered cars, in our sector there is a lot of matters we’re heading to have to commence pondering about,” Anderson mentioned.

One of all those matters, I-CAR’s Jeff Poole claimed, is protecting battery connectors specifically those that connect the battery to the inverter unit and the inverter device to the push motor since they have to have particularly small resistance.

“Whenever we get started hunting at large voltage techniques in unique, milliamps – that’s countless numbers of ohms – grow to be very, incredibly significant particularly when we get started hunting at large latest purposes,” Poole explained.

The terminal connectors through the cable develop into a weak issue if they are not held cleanse and safeguarded, he extra

“These connectors are not taken aside and place back with each other extremely usually but at the time in a when they do need to have to arrive off,” Poole stated. “It’s extremely, pretty important for the reason that, at a thousandth of an ohm, 300 amps turns into a 90-watt mild bulb appropriate there at that connector so think about the outdated-fashion mild bulbs – a 90-watt lightbulb bought pretty scorching.”

That amount of warmth, having said that, is typical, but if dust or contamination gets within the connector it becomes perilous for the repairer. For illustration, Poole claimed, if resistance sales opportunities to .1 ohms the warmth equal would increase to 9,000 watts and 1 ohm to 90,000 watts.

So, the connections have to have to be protected just like airbag and digital system connections are guarded, he said.

“If the motor vehicle maker has dummy plugs designed for the function they ought to be the types that you to start with default to. In some scenarios, car makers may possibly truly point out that you can use that or make sure you mask it, tape it very, very nicely. I like to use some sort of a non-conductive, extremely visible tape.”

Repairers can also place a saggy around the connector and zip tie it, Poole mentioned. The time it requires to secure the connectors is non-included.

“Parts Storage to Defend Parts”


Though exhibiting an instance of an unsafely cluttered shelf of elements, Gredinberg said glass should really be protected by bubble wrap or film – not stacked with other pieces, specially all those that are metal, and then placed in an place which is safe. The identical goes for other high-greenback merchandise, these kinds of as headlights, and interior trim factors. Labor time to wrap and retail outlet areas is not integrated.

This is an case in point of adequately guarded and saved parts:

“Gravel Guard”


Gravel guard – also identified as chip guard, body Schutz, or rocker guard – is generally applied on the reduce locations of autos, these as the rocker panel and decreased part of the fender close to the rocker panel. It can also be employed on doors and taxi corners.

“Most OEMs consider that a kind of corrosion defense,” Anderson stated.

Nonetheless, he added collision fix stores, want to contemplate the next:

    • Value of materials
    • Labor time
    • Additional labor to match the OEM overall look and
    • Labor to mask to implement gravel guard to keep away from overspray on other places and to generate a limited line.

Gredinberg said gravel guard is a not-involved procedure, but based on the motor vehicle, there may perhaps be a predefined worth in The DEG databases, or repairers can compute it and place it on estimates manually. He reminded repairers to generally reference OEM maintenance treatments to test for certain merchandise that need to have to be made use of.

“Get it straight! Pre-diagnostic Alignment & Measurement”

As sophisticated driver aid techniques (ADAS) develop into more common, Anderson observed that autos should be pre-measured and that a pre-diagnostic alignment performed ahead of repairs are manufactured simply because finding measurements and alignment appropriate can be critical to ADAS functions operating properly.

“We’ve often been explained to that if something’s off one diploma it basically can have an affect on the potential of that part to browse by 10 ft,” he reported.

Any supplemental labor time to pre-measure vehicles, such as using an alignment equipment or a motor vehicle structure measurement procedure to get the job done up a problems report is a not-incorporated procedure, in accordance to Gredinberg.

“Don’t permit this confuse you,” he explained. “This is not for final verification. This is not for a last alignment. This is just in the beginning phases of that restore process. If you have to do a last adjustment and you have to do a vehicle composition correction that is a not-bundled move as properly.”

“Why is it NOT Accepted to Soften or Blend Very clear Coat?”

Though repairers are being asked to soften clearcoat in the center of a panel, Gredinberg reported, he isn’t mindful of any OEM that warranties the method.

As an alternative, repairers need to lengthen the paint to the closest breaking stage for a correct refinish, he explained. Estimating units may possibly have a formulation in their P webpages or it is selectable in the database as a not-involved operation.

Repairers should really also consider extra take away and install (R&I) do the job when taking away doorway seals, glass, and trim that may be in the way, Gredinberg reported.

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Highlighted graphic: (Left) Mike Anderson, CEO of CollisionAdvice.com and Danny Gredinberg, Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG) administrator. (Credit: Society of Collision Fix Professionals)

Dummy cap (Credit history: SCRS)

Appropriately guarded and saved pieces (Credit: SCRS)

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