Adro Reveals Aggressive New M3 and M4 Look

Adro Reveals Aggressive New M3 and M4 Look

When the BMW M3 and M4 were revealed the talking point was of course the controversial styling up front. We thought the aftermarket tuners would have a field day attempting to “fix” this design but nothing substantial has been introduced until now.

Adro has revealed their offering for the BMW M3 and M4 and the feedback so far is extremely promising.

Unlike other tuners that were limited to tweaking the inside of the grille, Adro created an entirely new front bumper. They respected the BMW design language but at the same time made it easier on the eye and even more aggressive looking.

Adro says it has shrunk the kidney grille by 10 percent, making it wider and lower in the process. In theory, this helps to keep the cooling issues BMW used to justify the face in check. The kit also keeps all stock sensors, cameras, and mounting positions.

The lower bumper intakes are also reshaped, with the aerodynamic fins gaining a more aggressive angle and a separate lower intake above the pronounced carbon fibre splitter.

“From a designer’s perspective, they’ve created a fundamentally wrong front with the latest generation of the M3/M4, and we decided it was our opportunity to fix this,” said Davis Lee, Adro’s chief designer.

The rest of Adro’s bodykit includes aerodynamic extensions for the side skirts, a custom diffuser, and a swan-neck rear wing that is exclusive to the M4.

So the big question: Is this the “fix” some have been looking for or is it still a big no?

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