Axis Wheels – A Brand to Know For Wheels That Go

Axis Wheels – A Brand to Know For Wheels That Go

There’s a lot to consider when you decide to junk your old wheels and buy new ones in the aftermarket marketplace. Customizing your car and walking away from the ordinary stamp of the factory is easy to dream about and another thing to actually pull off. One way to start the big change is to examine the various companies out there making custom wheels. So instead of making your car over from top to bottom, you just start at the bottom with one of the most notable features –the wheels. But until you start searching, you probably don’t have any idea how many types are out there made by different manufacturers in different countries. After you start searching, you become aware of the many, many options.

One you certainly want to consider is Axis, a relatively new wheel maker that’s based in Anaheim, California which is, according to Axis “the heart of the Sport Compact Car custom scene.” Axis started making wheels in 1997 and has established its name among the enthusiasts relatively quickly. The company started out with three employees in a small facility but today works out of a 20,000 square foot building in Santa Fe Springs.

Nissan and Infinity owners will want to know about the brand new Axis Angle wheel, designed especially for those models. While Axis has several bold designs, the Axis Halo is one wheel that stands out from the crowd. The wheel’s finish of black matte or brilliant white is highlighted by a 6 millimeter pinstripe offered in one of eight colors. The pinstriping is added by hand at the Axis factory one wheel at a time. Another wheel to consider is the Attack model that’s a three-piece forged wheel that can be ordered up with the color scheme of your desire.

One way that Axis is responding to the needs of custom car owners is by spotting the trends. Staggered wheels, which has become a popular look, is when cars are sporting wheels of different width and/or diameter on the front and rear for a more striking pose on the street. Axis’ Maxis Lip line of wheels allows for a staggered look on vehicles that can’t accommodate a wider wheel in the back.

When comparing Axis to other wheels, the bold simplicity and muscular look of the product does stand out. These are clearly American made wheels that might just be the perfect thing for your ride, whether it is American made or not. Looking closely at Axis wheels might move you one step closer to rolling down the road with a noticeable new look.

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