Benefits Of a Car Hire For PCO Drivers

PCO, private carriage officer, is a license required by all transport supply companies. Whether you own a car rental company and want to add to your fleet, you are a freelance driver that has opened a solo car rental company or you are a courier service, you need to have your vehicles PCO licensed to run legally in the city centre.

The requirements by the private carriage officer is that the vehicle is under ten years of age and that it meets very strict emission standards. In fact, a large majority of PCO drivers are choosing hybrid vehicles, so that they can keep their costs down, cut their carbon footprint and meet PCO requirements moving forward.

There are so many benefits to hiring a car for PCO drivers over buying and the first benefit is that you get to enjoy a younger vehicle. By reducing maintenance, you are able to put more money in your pocket each and every day. Looking at the amount of time you spend in your vehicle transporting clients, an older vehicle would struggle and over time could cost you considerably. Because vehicles are not allowed to be older than ten years of age when it comes to PCO registration, you get to enjoy a young model that you know you can rely on and trust.

When you hire a car, even when you consider a car hire for PCO drivers, you will find that there are no maintenance costs. The rental you pay each month usually includes servicing and repair, which means you get a well-maintained vehicle that you know you can rely on daily at a price you can afford. Of course saving yourself on maintenance costs, increases your profit margins considerably.

A major benefit to anyone who spends most of their time in their vehicle is that there are no MOT or licensing costs you need to concern yourself about. The rental specialist company handles all of this for you to make sure you have a legal vehicle you can drive on the roads with complete confidence day after day knowing you are within your legal requirement and that you have the tools you need to build up an excellent car hire service.

Most of the car rental companies that offer vehicles for PCO drivers have their own team of mechanics who work at the centres to make sure the fastest repair and service times. In most instances while the vehicle undergoes repairs you are issued with a temporary vehicle. Of course the benefit to this is that you don’t have to put your vehicle on hold while repairs are being carried out. This way you don’t let customers down and you make sure your business remains working at all times.

As your vehicle starts to age, you can upgrade by staying with the same company and simply changing your rental agreement. This way you are guaranteed to always have the best quality and latest models which enable you to give your clients with a reliable service daily.

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