Can I Ask My Ex to Delete Those Nude Pics?

You point out retaliation. Do you consider that asking him to delete them would make it additional possible that he would circulate them — perhaps to a chosen individual, maybe additional extensively? Most states criminalize the nonconsensual dissemination of nude or sexual photographs, issue to a variety of conditions.

But your intention is to keep away from the violation in the very first place. You are going to be the most effective judge of how to manage your ex I’ll just observe that inquiring men and women to do anything they are not obliged to do needn’t be antagonizing. Politely allow him know that you regret getting shared these pictures with him, that you hope he will delete them and that you have faith in he will continue on to respect your privateness.

I went above to my father’s property one modern morning to do some function even though my floors were getting cleaned. I instructed my father the working day right before that I would be coming above in the morning and then texted yet again a number of minutes in advance of heading over. I have a vital to his location, so I allow myself in. I rapidly realized that my father was not ready for my arrival and was in the shower. I shouted hello and headed into the kitchen area place. In the kitchen, a brightly coloured vibrator was charging. I was really stunned to see this, particularly as his girlfriend of six years was at present out of city and would not be returning until the subsequent evening. I termed out to my father that I was likely to go for a rapid walk to get some air, and when I returned the vibrator was gone. I know there are a range of attainable explanations, like that he was making ready for his girlfriend’s return. However, my father does have a historical past of infidelity, and it helps make me sad to consider that he may well be lying to his existing husband or wife. I actually do not want to broach what I saw with my father, but do I have an obligation to permit his girlfriend know of my suspicions? Identify Withheld

To start with, you noticed what you observed because your father trustworthy you with a important to his household. Though you texted him, you really don’t say that he gave you rationale to believe he read through your texts. So we’re conversing about what you observed by gaining entry, unannounced, to someone’s dwelling. 2nd, his girlfriend’s romance to you passes as a result of him, so to converse your obligations to her are lesser than your obligations to him. 3rd, you have no relevant knowledge to impart, just speculation. (As you observe, there are a variety of possible explanations.) Certainly, if he had been getting unfaithful and she did not know it, she would be far better off, other items remaining equivalent, if she did. But that is a improper for him, not for you, to put ideal. I’d say you owe it to your father to continue to keep your personal counsel about this violation of his privacy. And you owe it to oneself to place it out of your head.

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