Car Air Filter – Its Functions and Maintenance

A car cabin air filter is a very important component of your vehicle. It is a filtration device attached to the air intake of car’s ventilation system. The main function of this device is to improve the quality of air penetrating inside your car as well as of the air already present inside the car. Although most of the filters are made using pleated paper system, a host of other filtration media is also present. An intelligent blend of paper and cotton is perfect for the filter. However, other models using miniature paper filters are also available.

This filter is totally different from the internal combustion filter that sits under the hood of the car and prevents the dust from getting into the car’s engine to facilitate smooth functioning. Distinction between the two is very clear and having its knowledge is very important. Both of them hold an important place in your car’s smooth functioning and hence you must check their quality while buying.

The cabin air filter is responsible for the kind of air you breathe in while you are sitting inside the car. Installing a high quality filter is the only option if you want to offer fresh and pure air to those who are sitting with you in your car. The green filters are the best options for the people who are more worried about the allergens. However, every air filter needs to be replaced after a period of time to ensure quality of air is maintained inside the vehicle.

There are some tips that everyone must follow to replace one of the most important component of your car. Replace your filters carefully after opening the hood and prop. Then, you will find the plastic cowling covering the filter between the engine compartment and the windshield. Remove the cowling after taking out the clips holding it. After that remove the filter for examination and if it is fully covered with dirt and dust then replace it immediately. You can go ahead with the same filter if it is neat and clean. Then, install the filter and cowling and push in the clips supporting the cowling. Finally, close the hood and enjoy your journey.

The process changes a bit if the vehicle has the CA filter. You have to open the front passenger door and then the glove compartment. Now, open the cable holding the door and swing it down. After this, remove the filter cover as well as the filter to check the presence of dirt and dust. If the filter needs replacement then replace it, otherwise, go ahead with the previous one. Now, re-install the filter and cover attaches cable to glove box door and close it.

Take care of the car cabin air filter that takes care of the air you breathe.

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