Custom Police Graphics: A Cost-Effective Way to Promote Your Department

Police need a branding program too

Police departments across the country are always looking for new and innovative ways to promote themselves. One cost-effective way to do this is by using custom police graphics. By creating unique graphics that feature your department’s logo, colors, and slogan, you can increase awareness of your department and generate positive publicity. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using custom police graphics and provide tips on how to create them.

Engage with the Public

Custom police graphics are an effective way to engage with the public and build relationships. By using professional-looking, eye-catching designs, you can make your department more recognizable and create a sense of pride among its members. This will help to draw attention to your organization and encourage people to become involved in your mission or join the force. It can also help to put your department on the map and create a positive reputation in the community.

Cost Effective

Custom police graphics are also an affordable and cost-effective way to promote your department. Since you can use them for a variety of purposes, such as creating promotional materials or advertising campaigns, you won’t have to invest large amounts of money into traditional marketing strategies. Additionally, creating custom graphics is relatively quick and easy, allowing you to create a professional-looking product without the costs associated with outsourcing or hiring an in-house designer.

Know Your Audience

When creating custom police graphics, it’s important to keep your audience in mind. Consider who you are trying to reach and design something that appeals to them. Use bright colors, bold fonts, and interesting visuals to draw attention to your message. It is also important to make sure that your graphics are cohesive with your overall branding efforts and are consistent across all platforms.

Combine Marketing Strategies

Finally, it’s also essential to remember that custom police graphics should be used as part of a larger marketing strategy. Incorporate them into other advertising or promotional efforts to ensure that your message reaches the right people. Additionally, make sure you measure the success of your graphics so you can adjust and optimize them for maximum impact

Things to Consider

When creating your custom police graphics, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are a few tips for creating effective and eye-catching designs:

1. Police vehicles are often outfitted with custom graphics in order to help raise awareness for various campaigns or initiatives. When creating these graphics, it is important to use bright colors and bold fonts in order to draw attention to the design. This will help ensure that the police vehicle is more visible on the road and that passersby are more likely to take notice of the campaign message.

2. Custom police graphics are a great way to represent the department’s mission and values. Incorporating meaningful symbols or images can help set the tone for the department and show the community what the department stands for. Police graphics should be designed to be visible and recognizable, while also conveying the desired message.

3. Incorporating the department’s colors and logo into custom police graphics is essential in recognizing a particular department’s image. It allows people to easily distinguish the work of an individual law enforcement agency from others, while also fostering a sense of unity within the organization itself. By including their specific set of hues, shapes, and symbols, departments can ensure that their design stands out among others and gives them an effective visual identity to represent them. Furthermore, having a unified brand can help make police graphics memorable since it’s something that viewers have seen before when identifying that particular agency. It allows citizens to recognize messages about safety or other public service announcements needed to spread quickly through a graphical campaign.

4. When designing custom police graphics, it is essential to keep the images simple and uncluttered for maximum impact. Ensuring an image’s design has only the necessary elements and no unnecessary clutter not only makes for a stronger visual statement but also helps with readability. Simple designs tend to be seen as more professional, which can help establish trust in any given message that may be conveyed by the graphic. When designing graphical aids for law enforcement departments, simplicity should be kept paramount in order to easily convey an important message or concept and make a powerful impact.

5. Police graphics should be immediately recognizable and easily understood by the public, so using vibrant backgrounds or textures is essential in making sure these designs stand out. It ensures that the message comes across quickly, succinctly, and effortlessly. Vibrant backgrounds or textures can bring depth and visual interest to any design while promoting the professional look of an organization or brand. With careful use of color palettes, shapes, fonts, and imagery alongside a vibrant background or texture, your custom police graphics will be clearly visible even from a distance. Choosing lively colors and patterns will set your graphics apart and create an eye-catching effect that people won’t forget.

6. Custom police graphics are an important part of professional communication. Whether they will be used as information brochures or advertising collateral, having clear and vibrant images is essential. When creating custom police graphics, utilizing high-quality images and graphics ensures maximum clarity and resolution. This allows custom graphics to be easily read by both the public and other law enforcement personnel. By using premium materials, the information that is presented will be accurate which supports a successful law enforcement operation. Put simply, investing in high-quality images and graphics for custom police graphic design reaps dividends both now and in the future.

7. Keeping a consistent design in all promotional materials used by your police department is an important part of creating custom police graphics. Not only does it give your desired message a unified look, but it also helps to instill trust in the public. Creating a message that aligns seamlessly with other advertising pieces demonstrates attention to detail on behalf of the police department and implies that the same care is given to all of their services and interactions. The consistent design also aids in brand recognition even if explicit branding is not present – people can begin to recognize common elements in all advertising pieces and associate them with the department. Achieving consistency with all promotional materials is essential for your police graphics to be successful.


Police departments have a lot to gain from custom police graphics. These graphics are an effective and cost-efficient way to promote your department, build morale, and improve public relations. If you’re looking for high-quality, professional designs, Graphic Designs International is the company for you. We have years of experience designing custom graphics for law enforcement. Contact us today to get started on your project!

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