Custom Umbrellas: When Are They a Good Choice for a Promotional Item?

Custom Umbrellas: When Are They a Good Choice for a Promotional Item?

There are two theories for choosing promo items that work: selecting goods that have a specific appeal to a specific target, and selecting goods with a broad appeal numerous targets. Eventually, most companies’ line of giveaways consists of both types of items, an approach that targets products toward potential business clients and everyday customers. In either case, it pays to investigate how well an item works well for other companies, a question that can be answered by examining promotional product statistics as reported by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI).

Evaluating Promo Items with Client and Revenue Statistics

One of the best sources for statistical information about promo items is (PPAI), a research organization started in support of the international promotional products industry in 1904. According to PPAI, over 50% of people who receive a promo item feel more positively about the company that offered it than they did before receiving the item; over 70% of people who receive a promo item remember the information that it contains; and over 50% of people who receive a promo item do business with the company that offered it within one year of receiving the item. In addition, salespeople who give away products receive 22% more sales leads than salespeople who don’t. But exactly what types of goods are responsible for these statistics?

According to annual sales statistics for 2007, the products that most contributed to the international promotional product industry’s over $18 billion in annual sales, from greatest to least, are: wearables (30.7%), writing instruments (10.3%), bags (7%), drinkwear (6.3%), business accessories (6.1%), calendars (5.5%), recognition awards and jewelry (3.5%), computers (3.1%), sporting goods (2.5%), automotive goods (2.4%), magnets (2.3%), housewares (2.3%), textiles (2.2%), games and toys (2.2%) stickers and decals (2%), buttons and ribbons (1.8%), food (1.7%), electronics (1.6%), personal goods (1.6%), and clocks and watches (1.6%).

How Do Custom Umbrellas Rank?

For most recipients of custom umbrellas, the items qualify as either a sporting good (e.g. a true golf umbrella) or a personal good (e.g. a rain umbrella or a beach umbrella). Both types of umbrellas are desirable in terms of what defines a valuable product (adequate advertising space in terms of scale; high usability; and a general or a specific appeal), but for companies for whom the golf course is an extension of the board room, offering the former can be a smart move, especially if its potential clients make verbal business deals made on the golf course.

Unlike many products, well-constructed golf umbrellas are considered non-expendable, promoting your company’s information on golf course after golf course, year after year. For more information on the best types of giveaways for your company, contact a seller of promotional goods for a free consultation.

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