Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Adds Fully Functional Flying Cars to the Game

Immediately after the release of Patch 1.5, Cyberpunk 2077 has been on a journey to the leading, as each and every deal with proceeds to make the game even superior.

With a steady release at hand for gamers to enjoy, the title now makes it possible for its local community to just take it a phase even further by customizing the recreation with all of their favored mods, with no having to fear about the game crashing during their playthrough.

For the earlier couple months, we have observed mods of all varieties, which permits players to customise V, Night Metropolis and lots of additional. Nevertheless, not long ago, the recreation took to the skies, as the Let There Be Flight mod pushed the game’s amusement levels to the max. at?v=U9t2JWMY1-k

With the Permit There Be Flight mod, players on CD Projekt RED’s open-globe RPG title can fly/hover all-around Night City on any cars they want. Players can look at all the information important to reach this feat on the mod’s Github web page.

As talked about in the webpage, the mod’s at this time in the beta section, with features this kind of as in-globe navigation for quests and participant-chosen destinations. The mod has a pair of distinct modes for flying as nicely, and players can check out how it feels to be hovering Night Town on the demonstration clip provided by the mod builders.

Just like every single other well-known RPG with automobiles, CD Projekt RED’s flying car mechanics search pretty stable with the mod, and it positive appears like it will be a joy to ride. Though it might be in the beta phase, the clip proves that players really don’t have to get worried about any clunky animations or maneuverability challenges, when riding their car or truck in the air.