Dual Control Ford Fiesta

Dual Control Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta dual control car is one of those cars that never seem to grow old. It is still very popular among many population catchments. It was first launched in 1976 and is now undergoing its 6th Series. It still has the look and reputation of a young, fun car that is easy to drive.

This is probably one of the reasons many drivers like this neat little run around as their first car to learn how to drive. It looks good; it handles like a dream, and it is not overly expensive. All great features for a hire car you might want to use to practice for your driving test. Why not buy a Ford Fiesta dual control car to boost the services of your driving instructor company?

More and more driving instructors are buying them for their businesses. Why should you choose one? What features should you look out for?

A ford Fiesta dual control car is a must have for driving lessons, especially for the first lessons that you embark in. Cars are big, heavy and dangerous; combine that with an inexperienced driver and you have the recipe for chaos and disaster. This small and practical car will minimize risks by providing driving instructors with instant control of the vehicle whenever necessary.

Having added control over the vehicle will also provide your clients with the peace of mind of knowing that if anything goes wrong or they freeze, you are there to take over.

The car comes equipped with a series of specifications for all drivers. Instructor’s pedals, for instance, can be kept stationary or move in synch with the driver’s pedals. Make sure you’re that they come with self aligning bearings so your controls are constantly in tune. Pedal pads come with an angular pad adjustment and easily to take off pedals. The type of controls can vary between rod and cable depending on the requirements of your client.

The world media is excited about the new generation of Ford Fiestas, Motor Trend call it: a superb little car, while the UK magazine Auto Express refers to it as: a new class leader. Auto Express, another British periodical refers to it as a huge achievement that will please just about everyone.

Surprisingly this is a relatively new car for the United States, since the only models that were sold in the U.S were in 1978. This makes it a fresh and brand new option that has only just come out of the factories. Whether you want to drive a cute, comfortable car or you want to provide your clients with a driving experience that will generate referrals then you need to go for a Ford Fiesta dual control car.

They come with a variety of engines to fit every budget or requirements. Go for the 1.4 Petrol engine for a smooth but unpretentious drive or go all the way and hire the 2.0 engine with rally specifications. Although if you are planning to hire a Ford Fiesta with dual controls to teach your teenager how to drive or even to learn yourself you might want to keep it simple and go for the cheaper option. You just never know when your, or your son’s, clutch control can fail!

Do you need more reasons to hire or even buy one? Just give it quick spin and you will be sold by the amazing handling, and road clearance, a great compromise between power and safety, speed and road handling. An all around performer, great for picking the kids up, running around to your place of work, in fact driving short or long distances simply won’t make a difference in this little machine. If driving instructors use the car to teach learner drivers that should just about scream out to you how great it is To sum it all up into one sentence, you’ll not find a better small car with these specifications, although you are welcome to try!

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