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Tesla Cybertruck on the road in the desert.

Without a doubt, electric car companies see battery-powered vehicles as the future of worldwide driving. Many manufacturers are targeting electrified lineups within the next decade or sooner. Other companies pledge to be completely carbon neutral within the next 30 years.

With that in mind, we pulled together a list of all the electric car companies. Some of these companies are staples in the automotive world with best-selling vehicles, such as Ford, while others have yet to release a single vehicle — and may never even do so.

Our alphabetical list will help you shop if you want to buy an electric car now or in the next few years, or if you just want to plan or dream about the vehicle you might be driving decades from now. Or, it might just be driving you.

Wherever you are on the spectrum, we list the world’s electric car companies with their current and possibly upcoming vehicles.

Apple Car

Apple Logo in black and white

We all know and love Apple CarPlay, but what if Apple made a whole car? Well, it’s no secret that Apple has been working on a car that it hopes will shake up the electric car industry. The tech giant was linked to a partnership with Hyundai, but the deal got called off just a month after the story broke. Apple is reportedly still working on a fully electric vehicle, but little else is known — no surprise from the popular but secretive company.

Possible future EVs: 

Apple Car


Aspark Own in red with doors up

Aspark is a car company based in Osaka, Japan, developing the fastest accelerating supercar. The all-electric Aspark Owl goes from 0 to 60 mph in 1.69 seconds and hits a top speed of 248 mph. Don’t get too excited about having this car in your driveway, though. The manufacturer will produce only 50 of these sporty cars worldwide. Each costs more than $3 million.

Current EVs:

2021 Aspark Owl


2022 Audi e-tron gt on a hill in grey

Audi’s all-electric line of e-tron vehicles debuted in 2019, and the company has continued to push out EVs since then. In 2022, the company will add a luxury electric SUV to its e-tron lineup. By 2030, the company expects to offer 30 different electric vehicles.

Current EVs:

2021 Audi e-tron

2021 Audi e-tron Sportback

Upcoming EVs: 

2022 Audi Q4 e-tron

2022 Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback

2022 Audi e-tron GT


2022 BMW i4

After the initial launch of the i3 in 2013, the first BMW electric vehicle, the company will go with a more traditional style in the coming year. The new direction for BMW brings the i4 sedan and iX SUV. BMW plans on releasing the EVs in early 2022, and the vehicles are said to boast the company’s signature luxury SUV and sedan looks.

Current EVs:

2021 BMW i3 

Upcoming EVs:

2022 BMW i4

2022 BMW iX 


2022 Bollinger B1 driving downhill

The Michigan-based start-up anticipates releasing its Bollinger truck and SUV in 2022. The electric automaker unveiled plans for the rugged Bollinger B1 SUV and pickup truck Bollinger B2. According to the company, both vehicles will start in the six-figure price range. For the Bollinger B2 Chass-E Cab, you can expect to see this vehicle priced from $55,000.

Upcoming EVs: 

Bollinger B1

Bollinger B2

Bollinger B2 Chass-E Cab (TBD)


Byton M Byte SUV on a beach

Byton is a Chinese electric car company that wants to produce multiple electric vehicles in the coming years. With plans to launch in European counties first, Byton wants to come to the U.S. after that. Byton hopes to release an SUV and a sedan.

Upcoming EVs:

Byton M-Byte (SUV release TBD)

Byton K-Byte (Sedan release TBD)


2023 Cadillac Lyriq

Cadillac wants to rebrand its image with an all-electric car lineup by 2030. General Motors’ luxury brand will start with the highly anticipated Cadillac Lyriq coming in 2023. The Lyriq is a sporty crossover with lots of technology and innovative features. In 2025, the company aims to release another futuristic vehicle with the Celestiq.

Upcoming EVs: 

2023 Cadillac Lyriq

2025 Cadillac Celestiq  


Canoo EV Pickup

Canoo is a new automaker aiming to bring a futurist look and feel to their electric vehicles. The California-based company hopes to produce multiple EVs, the first being an electric van. The EV company expects to release the Canoo Van in 2022, with the pickup truck available a year later. The truck will reportedly have 600 horsepower and 200 miles of range on a full charge. Both vehicles are said to start in the $30,000 range.

Upcoming EVs:

Canoo Van

Canoo Pickup  


2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV driving through hills

Chevrolet stepped into the electric vehicle realm a few years ago with the Bolt EV hatchback. Since bringing the car to market in 2017, the company now plans to manufacture larger electric cars, too. It recently released a more SUV-like version dubbed the Bolt EUV. In the years ahead, Chevy plans on making an electric version of its popular Silverado truck with a 300-mile range on a full charge. The company plans on being carbon neutral by 2035.

Current EVs:

2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV 

Upcoming EVs: 

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV

Chevrolet Silverado Electric (TBD)

Faraday Future

2023 Faraday Future FF91 in grey

Faraday Future is a California-based electric car startup that hopes to compete with Tesla. The company expects its first car, the Faraday Future FF91, to release in 2023. The FF91 aims to have 1,050 horsepower and a lightning-quick zero to 60 mph time of 2.4 seconds. If you want to buy one, you might need to wait as all 300 initial FF91s were preordered.

Upcoming EVs:

Faraday Future FF91 


Fisker Ocean in the forest

California-based electric car company Fisker Inc. wants to bring its first vehicle to market in 2022. The startup plans to release the Fisker Ocean, claiming it’s the most sustainable car on the market today. The Ocean is made partially of recycled material to help back its sustainability claims.

Upcoming EVs:

Fisker Ocean (TBD)


2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford began growing its electric vehicle stable this past year with the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The manufacturer now plans an electric model of each vehicle in its lineup by 2026. Ford will manufacture America’s best-selling vehicle, the Ford F-150, as an EV variant, naming it the Ford F-150 Lightning. The lightning boasts a very impressive 300 miles on a full charge. An electric version of Ford’s popular family SUV, the Explorer, is also reportedly in the works.

Current EVs:

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

Upcoming EVs:

2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford Explorer EV  (TBD)


Genesis Essentia Concept Car

Genesis could be one of those automakers that makes waves in the luxury electric car market. The luxury division of Hyundai expects to release its first EV, the Genesis Electrified G80, in 2022. The company already unveiled a concept car for 2023. These two cars feature loads of new technology and the luxurious interior that Genesis is known for with the gas-powered vehicles it makes. The luxury brand will soon be selling the GV60, an electric SUV that would be the first EV with wireless charging.

Upcoming EVs: 

2022 Genesis Electrified G80

2022 Genesis GV60

Genesis Essentia (concept car)


2022 GMC Hummer EV in white

General Motors took its iconic Hummer nameplate and transformed it into an electric vehicle pickup truck slated for 2022 under the GMC brand. The truck will boast up to 1,000 horsepower and an unbelievable 11,500 lb-ft of torque. This truck will be able to handle all of your towing or hauling needs. After the release of the pickup truck, Hummer will look to electrify an SUV.

Upcoming Evs:

2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup 


Honda Prologue Name Teaser

The one car company you might expect would already sell EVs currently is not, as Honda pulled the plug on the Clarity EV. While the company offers hybrid cars like the 2021 Honda CR-V, the next fully electric vehicle does not come until at least 2024 with the Honda Prologue.

Upcoming EVs:

2024 Honda Prologue 


2022 Hyundai Kona Electric in grey

Hyundai has been selling its fully electric Kona for years now. More electrified hybrid and all-electric vehicles are coming or already here, using the Ioniq name. The company currently offers a hatchback available for sale, but it will release multiple models in the near future.

Current EVs: 

2021 Kona Electric 

2021 Ioniq Electric Hatchback 

Upcoming EVs: 

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5

2022 Kona Electric 


2020 Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar aims to go all-in on their electric car efforts with ideas to make this happen by 2025. With just one EV in its arsenal with the Jaguar I-Pace right now, it’s possible we will see more electric Jaguars even before then.

Current EVs:

2021 Jaguar I-Pace 

Upcoming EVs:

2022 Jaguar I-Pace 


2021 Kia Niro PHEV

Kia has already been producing EVs, with all-electric versions of the Soul and Niro in recent years. The company said it will offer seven new electric car models to its inventory in the next five years. As for now, the 2022 Kia Niro EV and the EV6 keep Kia in the EV game.

Current EVs:

2021 Kia Niro EV

2021 Kia Soul EV  (not yet available in the U.S.)

Upcoming EVs:

2022 Kia Niro EV

2022 Kia EV6 


2021 Lotus Evija in grey

The Lotus Evija is set to release in the late months of 2021 with a limited inventory of only 130 cars for sale. The EV boasts 1,971 hp and 1,254 lb-ft of torque, making it one of the most powerful EVs on the market. The Evija is the first electric car produced by Lotus, but there’s no telling if it will be the last. Common sense says it’s likely Lotus will bring additional electric cars like this one to production soon.

Current EVs:

2021 Lotus Evija 


fastest-charging electric cars

Lucid Motors could be among Tesla’s biggest competitors once it fully arrives on the car scene. This electric car company plans to unveil cars with ranges reaching the low 500s. The Lucid Air, as it’s called, could offer one of the fastest charging times of any EV, with 20 miles per minute of charge to go with the sky-high range. The company expects to release the Lucid Air next year.

Upcoming EVs:

2022 Lucid Air 


2022 Mazda MX-30

Mazda will be releasing its first electric vehicle with the Mazda MX-30 compact crossover. Mazda has a way of creating features and qualities oftentimes better than other crossovers and SUVs in the same price range. That is no different with the newest electric car in their lineup. The MX-30 features “freestyle doors” that swing out to open instead of opening like typical car doors. Despite the fancy doors and sleek design, the MX-30 offers a rather underwhelming 100 miles of range on a full charge. The EV will start at $33,740.

Upcoming EVs: 

2022 Mazda MX-30 


2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS

Mercedes Benz is one more manufacturer bringing luxury to electric cars in an all-new way. The company found a way to make the inside of its upcoming EQ lineup look like spaceships rather than sedans or SUVs. While the luxury car giant dabbled in the electric car game several years ago with a B-class EV, the company looks to make an all-electric resurgence with its upcoming EQ vehicles.

Upcoming EVs: 

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQB

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS

2022 Mercedes Benz EQA


2022 Mini Cooper S E

Mini is making its small, boxy, and fun Hardtop into an EV variant. Rather than opting for a whole new design for their electric models, the brand stayed with its iconic shape and design to step into the electric car industry.

Current EVs:

2021 Hardtop 2 Door Cooper S E 

Upcoming EVs:

2022 Hardtop 2 Door Cooper S E


2021 Nissan Ariya

We can all thank Nissan. The company ushered in the modern mainstream EV industry when it released the original Leaf over a decade ago. Fast forward to today, the Leaf remains a practical, affordable EV. Starting price for the 2022 Nissan Leaf will be $27,400. Then there’s the Ariya, set to debut in 2022 as Nissan’s first crossover SUV. The Ariya starts at around $40,000.

Current EVs:

2021 Nissan Leaf 

Upcoming EVs

2022 Nissan Ariya 

2022 Nissan Leaf


2021 Pininfarina Battista in black driving

Pininfarina is another supercar maker that made it into the electric car field. It has constructed an all-electric supercar named the Pininfarina Battista with 1,877 hp and 1,696 lb-ft of torque to make getting anywhere you need to go much more fun. Sadly, only 150 of these supercars will get produced.

Current EVs:

2021 Pininfarina Battista


2022 Polestar 2 in white

Polestar released an electrified vehicle in 2020 with the launch of the Polestar 1 plug-in hybrid. Then came the fully electric Polestar 2. A subsidiary of Volvo, the electric car company plans to build on the momentum of its Polestar 2 with hopes of offering a fully electric inventory in the future.

Current EVs:

2021 Polestar 2 

Upcoming EVs:

2023 Polestar 3 


2022 Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Porsche, known for its luxury vehicles, now wants to be known for its luxury electric cars. The car company first debuted the all-electric Taycan. Now, the company plans that its Macan SUV will also be offered as an electric vehicle.

Current EVs:

2021 Porsche Taycan 

Upcoming EVs:

2022 Porsche Taycan 

Porsche Macan EV (TBD)


Ram 1500 EV 2024

Ram expects to step into the electric car industry — well, kind of. The company plans on releasing its most popular truck, the Ram 1500, as an EV in 2024. While yes, this is a long time to wait for the truck to become electric, the company expects it will offer 500 miles of range on a full charge. Not much else is known, but that’s a start.

Upcoming EVs:

2024 Ram 1500 EV 


2022 Rivian R1S and R1T on snow

California-based electric car company Rivian is among the most promising start-ups in the EV era and is set to release the all-electric R1S SUV and R1T pickup truck. In addition to producing these adventure-ready electric vehicles for consumers, Rivian will be making all-electric delivery vans for Amazon. The online behemoth is a major backer in Rivian, which has raised billions of dollars in funding. Other backers include Ford and Cox Automotive, parent of Kelley Blue Book.

Upcoming EVs:

2022 Rivan R1S

2022 Rivan R1T 


Tesla Cybertruck on the road in the desert.

Tesla began releasing futuristic electric cars in 2008 with its Roadster. Since then, the company kept its foot on the gas — make that thee battery pedal — producing a popular EV lineup. As a market leader, the company will transition from making sedans and SUVs to also manufacturing the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck pickup remains in high demand since Tesla first announced the vehicle. The Cybertruck will arrive in 2022.

Current EVs:

2021 Tesla Model 3

2021 Tesla Model Y

2021 Tesla Model X

2021 Tesla Model S 

Upcoming EVs:

2022 Tesla Cybertruck

2022 Tesla Roadster 


Toyota bZ4X BEV Concept

People may not know that Toyota briefly manufactured an all-electric model of its ever-popular RAV4, but it was discontinued in 2014. Perhaps even more unknown is that Toyota made the car in collaboration with Tesla. Outside of the RAV4 EV, Toyota unveiled its all-electric Toyota bZ4X BEV concept car. Production could begin on the bZ4X in late 2022. Toyota said it hopes to offer dozens of electrified models by 2025 and be carbon neutral by 2050.

Upcoming EVs:

Toyota bZ4X BEV Concept


2021 Volkswagen Id4 blue on a hill

Volkswagen is working hard to bring the electric future to all of its cars. The ID.4 is its latest example, following initial efforts like the Golf EV. But the company expects to produce more EVs. The car company said it wants to release 70 electric vehicles by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2050.

Current EVs:

2021 Volkswagen ID.4


2022 Volvo C40 Recharge Parked in light blue

Volvo has one all-electric on the market currently with the XC40 Recharge. To go along with the XC40 Recharge, Volvo is releasing a sleek, sporty EV called the C40 Recharge. The newer, sportier look does give it a stylish advantage over its competitors, but that also comes with a slight price increase. The EV will start around the $55,000 mark. Similar to other car companies, Volvo sees its future as fully electric by 2030.

Current EVs:

2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge

Upcoming EVs:

2022 Volvo C40 Recharge

Electric Car Companies

  1. Apple
  2. Aspark
  3. Audi
  4. BMW
  5. Bollinger
  6. Byton
  7. Cadillac
  8. Canoo
  9. Chevrolet
  10. Faraday Future
  11. Fisker
  12. Ford
  13. Genesis
  14. GMC
  15. Honda
  16. Hyundai
  17. Jaguar
  18. Kia
  19. Lotus
  20. Lucid
  21. Mazda
  22. Mercedes Benz
  23. Mini
  24. Nissan
  25. Pininfarina
  26. Polestar
  27. Porsche
  28. RAM
  29. Rivian
  30. Tesla
  31. Toyota
  32. Volkswagen
  33. Volvo

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