Eliminate clutter in your vehicle with our favorite car headrest hooks

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Is your car a little messy? Say goodbye to mayhem in your vehicle and get magically organized with our favorite car headrest hooks. There are two types of car owners — the ones that have it all together and can keep their cars perfectly organized, and the ones whose cars seem like they have their own personal tornadoes riding around with them whenever they’re on the go. If you fall into the latter group don’t worry, because it doesn’t have to be this way.

In today’s day and age, having an organized car doesn’t require all the bells and whistles it once did. You don’t need to get your life together, you just need some top of the line car headrest hooks. There are many car headrest hooks for every need imaginable, and we’ve looked at the top car headrest hooks and put together a list to give you an idea of some high-quality models and their advantages and disadvantages.

The best car headrest hooks models of 2022 in detail

Amooca Car Headrest Hooks: Our pick

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Seamlessly add some extra storage to your vehicle’s headrests with the Amooca car headrest hooks. These hooks have a deep and wide design that can be used to hang a wide variety of items, from handbags and grocery bags to baby supplies, water bottles, and much more. If you can hang it, then these headrest hooks will probably do the trick. These car headrest hooks can each hold up to 13 lbs and fit most cars, so they’re a solid, nearly universal choice. All you have to do is make sure your headrest bars have a diameter of 0.35 to 0.55 inches — as long as they do, then you have some extra storage space in your car thanks to these hooks


  • Made from durable, premium plastic

  • Sold in packs of four  

  • Easily install or remove as needed


EldHus Car Seat Headrest Hook: Another great option

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The unique thing about these Eldhus car headrest hooks is that their attachment handle’s release clip ensures that they will stay put no matter what you hang from the hook. These headrest hooks are made from high-quality plastic and metal, and this is our heavy-duty pick– with this in mind, it should come as no surprise that each headrest hook can hold a whopping 44 lbs. Your bags won’t slip off during any sudden brake checks and turns while driving, and these headrest hooks are great for people who carry a lot in their cars. These hooks come in a pack of four, letting you outfit all your vehicle’s headrests for maximum storage.



Heroway Magic Car Headrest Hook: Versatile

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With these car headrest hooks from Heroway, you no longer have to throw things on the floor of your vehicle. They’re made from acrylonitril
e butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, and their nylon fabric makes them both flexible and durable. Each hook in this set of four has a three-in-one design that lets you hold more than other car headrest hooks, making them quite handy. These hooks are easy to use, so if you have kids they can also take advantage of them. You’ll be able to hang jackets, handbags, backpacks, and more with these car headrest hooks, so consider picking them up. They can make your life a bit easier and your car clutter-free.


  • Great for items with short, thick handles

  • Quick and easy to install

  • 3-year warranty and lifetime customer support


High Road Car Headrest Hooks: Also consider

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The High Road team created these car headrest hooks to eliminate all forms of bag tipping in a moving vehicle. With these sturdy metal headrest hooks, you won’t have to worry about things falling off your seats and rolling around your vehicle. The patented design of these hooks consists of solid metal with a black matte finish and rubberized ends to prevent noise. These headrest hooks can hold up to 40 lbs, and even though their contoured ends are made from metal they’re powder-coated, meaning they won’t chip or snag on any straps or clothes thanks to their closed-loop design. These car headrest hooks come in a range of colors, giving you some freedom to customize your car’s extra storage space.


  • Durable construction with high-quality materials

  • Simple installation, attach in seconds

  • Closed-loop, anti-snag design


HOUSE DAY Car Seat Headrest Hooks: Another option

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Say goodbye to chaos in your car with these HOUSE DAY car headrest hooks. These hooks can help organize your backseat, getting things up and off the floor to give you even more legroom. These car headrest hooks are made from high-quality polypropylene (PP) material, and each headrest hook can hold up to 30 lbs. These car headrest hooks can provide some much-needed extra storage space for handbags, shopping bags, clothes, and more, and their sleek design means that they’ll work well with your car’s interior, helping it remain stylish. These headrest hooks can help make your car a more organized place, but if you’re not satisfied with their hooks, the company offers a full money-back guarantee for extra purchasing peace of mind.



Buying guide: Car headrest hooks

A simple car headrest hook can change your life, and that’s why you deserve all the information about the leading car headrest hooks. If you’re new to these incredibly convenient car accessories, we’ve put together a simple guide to help find the right one for you. 

What is a car headrest hook?

A car headrest hook is a simple type of car organizer that attaches to the headrest bars on the driver, passenger, or rear seats and holds items such as bags, jackets, umbrellas, and purses. 

How beneficial are car headrest hooks really?

If you’re known for having a messy car, then you’ll definitely want to pay attention. Appearances can be deceiving– even though car headrest hooks look simple, they are extremely beneficial. They can immediately help you organize and clean up your car in a matter of minutes. You can reduce your car’s clutter, whether that’s on your vehicle’s floor or seats, with a car headrest hook, as these devices allow you to create extra storage space. These benefits are especially important if you work or travel a lot in your car, as they can help you remain efficient, productive, and stress-free. Car headrest hooks can save you a lot of time, as you’ll no longer need to dig through clutter trying to find that water bottle that you swear was in your car.  

What materials are used to make car headrest hooks?

Car headrest hooks, like many other types of organizers, can be made of plastic, metal, fabric, or a combination of these materials. The material of a car headrest hook is important because it will determine how long you can use the tool and how much wear and tear the headrest hook can handle. 

A car headrest hook made from metal should be durable and sturdy as long as it’s made well. If a metal hook isn’t designed well, it can snag on your items and tear them, and even eventually bend out of shape. 

Plastic car headrest hooks can also be durable, depending on the quality of plastic used to create them. Plastic hooks are gentler on items, as they’re less likely to tear them. If you choose a plastic headrest hook, make sure to get a heavy-duty one, as weak plastic hooks can break if heavy things are hung from them.

There are also fabric car headrest hooks, and these are usually synthetic fabrics like nylon. It’s rare to find a car headrest hook made purely from fabric, and fabric hooks will most likely be combined with plastic or metal so that they can hold enough weight. Fabric car headrest hooks are flexible and durable and can be a solid choice if you understand what you’re getting when buying one. 

What to know before buying a car headrest hook

Before you buy a car headrest hook, you should probably find out which model you’ll need for your vehicle. Keep reading to find out what
to look out for.


Car headrest holders are available in numerous sizes, and it all depends on how many items you want to store while driving. Only the dimensions of the headrest set a limit to which hooks can and can’t be used. 


Car headrest hooks are usually made with sturdy metal or plastic to allow you to hang items from them for storage. They’re great for holding purses, grocery bags, and anything else you don’t want to roll around on your vehicle’s floor.


Car headrest hooks come in different variants, but they’re ultimately all hooks and tend to have curvatures. Deeper curvatures are better if you want to hang a heavier load. 


When it comes to colors, there are a lot to choose from. The most common colors for car headrest hooks are black, silver, red and blue, and this lets you pick the color(s) that will suit your vehicle’s interior. 


Car headrest hooks are primarily used to create order out of chaos and increase safety, so it’s important to securely attach them to the headrest. Most are made from strong fastening materials and should not come loose while driving, but it’s always a possibility if you don’t carefully install them.

Lifespan and maintenance

The lifespan of car headrest hooks largely depends on the care you give them. The more you strain the product, the shorter its lifespan will be, so it’s a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s instructions concerning care. 

What’s the purpose of car headrest hooks?

Do you need something to store your kids’ toys? Do you want something to stow things in that have been lying around your car? Do you need some extra storage while driving to and from work? Depending on your need, you can choose a set of simple car headrest hooks or a more advanced organizer with various compartments. 

Other car organizers that you can combine with headrest hooks

Conventional car seat pocket 

A conventional rear seat organization system hangs and has numerous storage compartments of different sizes that can accommodate various items. It’s attached either with a strap over the headrest or with straps that are closed with a clip. 

Organizer with tablet or smartphone holder

Some organizers allow the additional attachment of a tablet or smartphone. This allows passengers in the backseat to watch a film or work while in transit. 

Car seat organizer with table 

These models have a small board that you can pull down, and this gives you added convenience for a lunch box, laptop, or tablet. This option can be quite practical, especially when the rear passenger wants to work on the go. Even children who want to paint, read or enjoy other activities while you’re driving will be delighted with such a model. 

Organizer for standing (also called “trunk bag”) 

In addition to hanging backseat organizers, there are also organizers that you can store in your backseat. These are articles made out of sturdy fabric with various compartments included. With these models, it’s particularly important that you attach them carefully so that they don’t slip around in the back seat or even fly through the car when you brake.

Car Headrest FAQs

Q: Are car headrest hooks one size fits all? 

Car headrest hooks are made to work with different car brands and in different situations. For safety purposes, make sure you check that the headrest hooks you’re getting are the right size for your car.

Q: Are car headrest hooks suited for children?

Adults are generally more adept at using car headrest hooks than small children. For children, you should choose an easy-to-use hook that’s entirely safe. Making the right choice can lead to easier, less stressful, and mess-free car rides with the kids.

Q: Are car headrest hooks expensive?

Though car headrest hooks are generally affordable, we recommend that you set a specific budget before purchasing. 

Q: Will a car headrest hook damage my headrest? 

Car headrest hooks are primarily designed for safety. Damaging your headrest is a long shot, but overloading the headrest hook can cause this to happen.

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