Fontaine Trailers – The Complete History

Fontaine Trailers – The Complete History

When searching for the best trailer to accompany their truck, many haulers choose look at one company in particular. Fontaine Truck Equipment Company is actually a large network that offers a full line of distributors that are spread out all across the United States. There are many locations which allow this company to service the trucking industry from every corner of the nation. Each individual distributor is run just like a small business. They provide a small town service but offer selections that you would expect to see more in a larger metropolis. The company itself boasts over 66 years of experience in the industry and their popularity simply improves every year.

The main headquarters for Fontaine trailers and other truck accessories is located in Haleyville, Alabama. The company itself was founded in 1940 by John Fontaine as a subsidiary of the Marmon Group. Since that time there have been developments and increases made on a regular basis and products from this company are now widely distributed across the United States and Canada. Their latest addition is a large line-up of all aluminum trailers which offer a much lighter weight compared to many of their competitors.

Early in the 1960s John Fontaine established a network of plants across the United States. These small factories branched out and eventually evolved to the company that provides many of the trailers and trucking accessories that we see today. They offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry and whether you buy new or used equipment, many truckers and operators have come to depend on the quality of this “small town business”. Catering to both individual truck owners as well as large fleet companies, Fontaine has built their reputation from the ground up in such a manner that nearly everyone involved in the trucking industry knows the name of these trailers.

Whether you are searching for a reefer, box trailer, flatbed or anything in between, know that millions of loads have been safely delivered over the years on Fontaine trailers. With the reputation for small company ethics as well as the selection of big city products, this company has definitely made its mark in the trucking industry. Searching for the perfect trailer for your truck does not have to be a difficult decision. Learn the history behind the company that you are considering, learn how they became who they are and your choice will be much easier.

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