Gun restrictions should focus on function, not cosmetic features

I would guess that most people would concur that automobiles engineered specifically for large-velocity motorsport opposition in all probability shouldn’t be authorized for street use. You would not want a 650-in addition horsepower vehicle crossing the complete line on a NASCAR monitor and then heading out on to town streets to run errands right after a race.

However, there are no authorized restrictions precisely put on automobiles that have spoilers, hood scoops, aerodynamic floor outcomes, aftermarket bumper-mounted tow hooks, competition-quality seats, or flashy graphics, only since they may well “look like a race car or truck.” Elements like these might mimic those noticed on their substantial-velocity counterparts, but really do not make the auto they are affixed to a contender on race working day.

Mat Gendle

So when it comes to regulating firearms, why do some carry on to advocate for beauty restrictions as an alternative of focusing on all those factors that make some possibly much more unsafe than many others? Why the focus on the type of guns relatively than the purpose in attempting to generate a safer globe?

I’m no pro on firearms engineering or plan. I’m just a involved citizen who has spent my entire existence all-around well-informed and accountable gun proprietors. And from this private encounter, 1 point is distinct to me: A appreciable amount of proponents of gun management measures feel to know very little about the firearms that they seek to control, and often seem really ignorant when they explore regulating guns.