Honda Isn’t Just A Popular Car Company They Are Also One Of The Biggest Motorcycle Makers

Honda Isn’t Just A Popular Car Company They Are Also One Of The Biggest Motorcycle Makers

Known for their relatively inexpensive, fuel efficient cars and trucks, Honda has far more to offer. You may not know that Honda is also one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers. Better yet, their motorcycles are some of the finest made.

As early as 1949, Honda began turning out high quality bikes. By the year 2005, there were manufacturing plants in more than twenty countries and more than 150 million bikes were sold to eager riders. As years passed, their bikes became better and better. Many of the best motorcycle models were created at the hands of Honda.

Perhaps the greatest of all Honda models, the Valkyrie offered a six cylinder, inline engine. Liquid cooled with a 1520cc boxer, the bike soon became a top selling model. There was no V Twin design here. Instead, Honda went for power by using six different carburetors and lining the cylinders up in opposite directions instead of at angles.

Unfortunately, the great engine noises and smooth idle was not enough. In 2004, the final Valkyrie model, the limited edition “Rune” was sold. Only used Valkyrie’s remain on the market, otherwise you must choose from other excellent bikes.

Honda offers both large and small motorcycles. Their bikes are also suited for both street or off road biking. The CR85R, with its 85cc engine, is an excellent starter bike for a teen. Off road models like the CRF50 or XR650L also deliver strong performance and a powerful ride. Meanwhile, the Interceptor is a dream bike for handling daily traffic. If a larger bike is more to your liking, the Goldwing is the man’s bike with plenty of size and power.

Beginners are probably best on the CRF50. The 49cc engine and automatic transmission offer a great bike for honing skills. With three speeds, a 21 inch seat, and a weight of around 100 pounds, youth riders will soon have the training they need to tackle larger motorcycles.

XR650L is a much larger off road bike. It is a single cylinder model that delivers plenty of torque and a low rpm. No bike can beat the XR650L at hill climbing and hairpin turn performance.

The aforementioned Interceptor is an award winning bike and has not lost its title for eleven years. It is one of Honda’s motorcycles that are currently on display in New York’s Guggenheim Museum. Even without awards, that does not stop millions of riders from relying on Honda for their riding pleasures.

Regardless of your needs, big or small, on road or off, Honda is sure to have a model that suits your fancy. You are guaranteed many years of top notch performance at a price you cannot resist. With a Honda, you know you are in for a real treat.

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