Jimmy B’s Hot Rod Photo Collection

Jimmy B’s Hot Rod Photo Collection

Jimmy B’s Hot Rod Photo Collection

Long live print. That’s been the battle cry of the diehards in our little world for as long as I can remember. As time marches on, grassroots print publications are getting harder and harder to come by. Nowadays, when I see something I like in print, I scoop it up.

If buying hot rod print publications is good, then buying them from your friends is better. About a month ago, I saw our very own Jimmy B was launching a new book, Jimmy’s Hot Rod Photo Collection. Right off the bat, it piqued my interest. Vintage photos? Little pages size? Reasonable price point? I was all in.

Longtime H.A.M.B.ers will be familiar with Jimmy and his archive. Born in raised in Australia, he’s collected more than 1,000 images from hot rodding’s Golden Era. He’s spent countless hours hunting for snapshots and conducting research so he could share them with the masses. Well, the wait is over. The time has come.

Hot Rod Photo Collection provides an inside look into Jimmy’s personal collection. Each spread is jam-packed with a blend of famous cars and homebuilt creations. I especially like how he organized the dry lakes photos by year, allowing us to see the progression of the Southern California hot rod right before our eyes.

Throughout the book, you’ll find a mix of black and white and color shots, action and stills. There’s record setters, show winners and—my favorites—homegrown hot rods out on the streets. It’s a raw, unfiltered look at the way hot rodding really was back in the 1930s-1960s.

Jimmy doesn’t know I’m writing any of this, but there’s no doubt about it: Jimmy’s Hot Rod Photo Collection is a solid addition to any hot rod library. It’ll fit in your pocket. It’ll fit in your textbook. I’m just happy it found a place on my bookshelf. Hit up Jimmy if you’d like a copy.

Joey Ukrop


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