New Age Luxury Car Rental Service by Ruia Car Rentals

The idea of starting a car rental services in Delhi by Ruia Car rentals was for providing safe, and personalized car hire services and at a reasonable rate to the inhabitants of Delhi. Generally the purpose of providing a car rental service is making the journey of common man a bit easier. Everyone may not possess a personal car and have to depend on the public means of transport, which is sometimes very tiresome.

Ruia car rental services have been trying to ease the process. With basic car rental services, it has also added a new option of luxury car rental services for outstation tours. This is a supplementary advantage to the people of Delhi.

Car Rental Service

Late Mr. Pashupati Kumar Ruia was the founder of the Ruia Car Rentals, and he being a great statesman, he had used his experiences only to find that there are many nooks and holes, and also massive breaches in the policies of the Indian car rental services and its services to the customers. Overall there was a lack of professionalism. So he started off with his brain child and laid the foundation of Ruia Car rentals Company in the capital city. 

This car rental services started with a small number of 4 cars in Kolkata. But now with the passage of time it has started working in a fully-fledged way with 850 cars, across 75 locations in India, some of the important being car rental services in Delhi, cab services from Delhi to Mathura, and Luxury car rental Delhi.

Luxury Car Rental Service

Delhi is the capital city of India, and forms the layover place for many of the tourist destinations like Kashmir, Chandigarh, and Brindavan etc.For example, if anyone wants to visit Agra, or Himachal Pradesh or Rishikesh the second part of the journeywill commence from Delhi. 

So a car rental service is very much essential that will provide a safe, relaxed, comfortable and luxurious journey from Delhi. Ruia car rentals is aptly providing the services to its customers.

After the fruitful exposure of the Ruia Car rentals in Delhi, it has created a satisfied clientele base for itself. The car rental services, especially the luxury car rental services in Delhi has been up to the mark with the customers with itspurpose of providing a world class and customized car rental services in Delhi, on time and within the budget, to individual customers in Delhi, as well as for outstation tours for official purposes or even family tours.

The car rental services in Delhi has been modified with the newest technology, and with a crew of enormously talented and competent professionals.

Car Booking Service

Service experience of about 11 long years of Ruia Car Rentals, and that too with a well sustained batch of 100 cars and extremely skilful drivers is an added benefit. Ruia car rentals is dedicatedly providing car booking services in the capital city and consequently serving more than 200 business clienteles very successfully.

As a matter of fact the garage of the Ruia Car Rental services is very conveniently situated at the Delhi–Gurugram border, which is close to the terminus 3 of the Delhi airport. This vitalsite is a favorable factor for both the customers and the car rental services providers. Service providers of the car rental services are effectively working in a very coordinated manner where separate groups have been formed who look after online part of cab booking services Delhi that may include outstation cab services like cab from Delhi to Agra or any corporate car rentals for meetings outside of Delhi. 

Cab Booking Services Delhi

The customer satisfaction is of supreme importance to Ruia car rental services, so a pleasant and safe travel experience is guaranteed every time the customers travel with the Ruia car rental services. All the vehicles of the Ruia car rental services is fully compliant with all the government’s safety rules and regulations. The skilled members of the customer care unit work patiently (24×7) so that the car rental Delhi is praiseworthy. The most prominent feature of the Ruia car rentals is that it not only aims to provide passenger safety and luxury, but also has kept a transparent and precise billing system, which is very useful for the customers to understand. For every car rental service booked car details along with the driver image is provided to the customer so that there is no miscommunication.

Ruia car rentals is a prominent name in the car care industry. And it has gained the trust of its customers due to its good and assured. It has successfully obtained various experience certificates and letters of appreciation from renowned authorities like SBI, RBI, and Ministry of Defense. Ruia Car Rentals services has also achieved Pan India Cab License from the ministry of tourism, India which is like a feather of fame on its hat.