Proper Car Body Maintenance

Proper Car Body Maintenance

A proper maintenance of the vehicle ensures a better performance of the car without getting hooked up in the middle. One important aspect that needs a periodical maintenance is the exterior of the car. A car with a shiny and scratch less exterior usually fetches higher value when compared to a similar model with a bad maintenance. Below are listed some strategies that could help in maintaining a glossy exterior.

Car should be washed regularly so that dust does not accumulate. Things such as bugs, bird droppings and limestone droppings are often tough to remove if they are left alone. Many times, scratches appear on the body while trying to remove these marks. Regular washing ensures that these things do not exist forever. A pressure is helpful in removing dirt from places that are difficult to reach such as under the bumpers, behind wheel arches and behind moldings.

Another good strategy that could be used to preserve the paint on the car from fading is to wax it after every wash. A proper wax coating using a better quality wax usually remains till 3-4 months. Rust tends to accumulate faster on vehicles belonging to regions where there is high humidity. Rust causes early corrosion in some of the important parts of the vehicle. This could be avoided with a properly done undercoating and rust proofing.

Stone chips and deep scratches should be removed using spray paint as it could cause corrosion. Residual paint marks and minor scratches on the car body could be removed using sand paper, mild polishing and a car wax.

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