Snap-on unveils Hofmann four-post lift for aligning cars, trucks

CONWAY, Ark. — Snap-on Inc. has added the Hofmann 15K Four-Post Open Front Alignment Lift, designed for high-volume auto service shops, to its portfolio of lifts.

“The Hofmann 15K Four-Post Lift features heavy-duty lifting capacity and an open-front design, and because it is equipped to handle a diverse range of vehicles, including large pick-up trucks like crew cabs and dual rear wheel vehicles, it will help you take your shop’s service work to the next level,” Neil Davis, product manager for Hofmann, said.

“The Hofmann 15K Four-Post Lift is ideal for shops that do a high volume of work as they can use it on most types of passenger vehicles and trucks. Also, the design of this lift is a must for camera-based aligners as the visibility for the targets is significantly better with our Hofmann lift.”

Available in two lengths, standard and extended, the Hofmann 15K Four-Post lift has a lifting capacity of up to 15,000 lbs. Its open-front construction allows service technicians access to vehicle service areas for adjustments and repairs, the company said.

Locked and lighted models are also available, which provide enhanced performance by allowing the technician to perform tasks by illuminating both inspection and adjustment areas and by sequencing the locking of alignment plates.

Models equipped with locks and lights feature a locking control activation from the lift console to reduce walking and effort from resetting alignment pins in plates.

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The lighting illuminates alignment adjustment and calibration areas, while front LEDs are mounted in the turnplate base to accommodate varying vehicle wheel tracks and rear LEDs are positioned on the slip plates, Snap-on said.

The ultra-low profile seven-inch-high runways accommodate low-profile vehicles and the four-inch movable front wheel stops have clearance for long, low-profile vehicles.

The extra-wide 26-inch runways and extended 100-inch rear slip plates allow for short or long, and narrow or wide, vehicles to be aligned correctly. The wide rear cross beam support allows for dual-wheel trucks to drive on the lift without interference and there is ample vision for camera-based alignment systems, the company said.

The lift also features an adjustable air-hydraulic jack beam with a new design and robust features such as extended reach lifting arms, higher lifting stroke and very low drive-over height. This jack was designed to collapse and retract inside the runways to provide the best possible options for Hofmann premium lifts, the company said.