Some Things to Consider When Buying Second Hand Cars

Some Things to Consider When Buying Second Hand Cars

People who want to purchase a vehicle are often caught in between whether to buy a new vehicle or a second hand one. There are some exceptions to this such as buying a vintage car that you would want to restore but for the most part, there lies the dilemma. Here are some things to consider when you are in that dilemma:

– Budget. Of course second hand cars are less inexpensive than brand new ones but there are other expenses you may not see like the cost of maintaining a second hand car. Some second hand cars may have some dents and perhaps getting an estimate from a dent repair shop may give you a better idea. Depending on where you are and the number of volumes of vehicles in your location, quotes do differ. An estimate from a dent repair shop in one city is different from one in another city as one may be less expensive than the other based on the number of cars that are serviced. In many ways, the more cars there are, the cheaper the estimate may be and that may be due to competition from other dent repair shops. The other consideration that has to do with the budget is the hassle of having less maintenance problems with a brand new car as there are service warranties that go with buying a new car. Some car companies offer longer service warranty terms and in the long run, getting a brand new car may have more savings.

– Financing and Insurance. Some brand new cars have in house financing or there are banks that give better rates for in house financing for brand new cars. They have better rates than getting financing for second hand cars because of the life span of the car. Brand new cars can be depreciated by the finance company in five years. Second hand cars may be fully depreciated depending on the year model and make. Insurance premiums may also play a factor in the decision making process. Second hand cars may not get comprehensive insurance rates because some insurance companies factor in the year and make of the model. While for brand new cars, it is somewhat better to get comprehensive insurance for it since it is new.

– Bartering for the price. Always haggle and barter from the ticket price of the car, whether it be brand new or second hand. For brand new cars, there may be freebies given to you to close the sale. Better yet, haggle for a better price with all the trimmings of the car. You probably will get a counter offer but that is the song and dance routine when you purchase a car.

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