Stolen bike recovered after thief stops in front of owner to fill petrol

Stolen bike recovered after thief stops in front of owner to fill petrol

We have come across several reports of vehicle theft from different parts of the country. In most of the cases, the stolen vehicle is very hard to track and thieves would have completely dismantled the vehicles and sold it as individual parts in parts market. Here we have an interesting incident from Kerala where the owner got his stolen motorcycle back after the thief rode the bike into a petrol pump to fill fuel. A video of the whole incident has been recorded in the CCTV installed at the petrol filling station.

The video report has been shared by 24 News on their Facebook page. According to the report, Praveen who is the owner of the stolen motorcycle is a Panchayat member of Kadalundi village of Kozhikode district. The bike got stolen from Kozhikode city on Saturday last week. Praveen went to the Police station nearby the very next day and reported that his bike got stolen. The officers in the police station ask Praveen to present the original documents of the stolen motorcycle. He along with his friends then drive to Kadalundi to his house to bring the original documents. 

On their way to home, Praveen’s friend drove the car into the fuel pump to fill petrol. As they were driving into the filling station, a motorcycle overtakes them from the left hand side and stops in front of them. The biker actually cut the line and took the spot right in front of the car. As the bike stopped, Praveen noticed the motorcycle and realised that it was his stolen bike. He told his friends the same and within no time, they all got out of the car to catch the thief. The thief was actually travelling with a pillion on the bike and was wearing a proper riding helmet.

Bike thief stops right in front of bike owner to fill petrol in Kerala [Video]

The owner took the phone out to click picture of the thief while his friends cornered the thief. The thief realised that he is trouble and he ran from the spot. Praveen and his friends handed over to the police but, he escaped from police custody while he was being taken to the jail. This whole incident felt like a scene from a movie where the stolen vehicle came back in front of its owner. The whole incident is actually captured in the CCTV cameras installed on the petrol pump. The thief who stole the bike actually ran away without removing the helmet. His face is not clear in the video as he was wearing the helmet. He can be seen removing he helmet while he was running out of the petrol pump.

Motorcycles are actually easy targets for thieves. Most of them come with a handle bar lock with no other modern locking feature. The stolen motorcycle seen here in this video looks like a Hero Splendor. These motorcycles do not come with tracking devices or burglar alarm. To make you motorcycle secure, you can install aftermarket locks for disc, wheels or even the handle bar. You can also install afermarket vehicle immobilizer or tracker to locate your vehicle, in case your bike gets stolen.

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