Tested: Best Car Phone Mounts

Photo credit: Collin Morgan, Amazon - Car and Driver

Photo credit: Collin Morgan, Amazon – Auto and Driver

Photo credit: Collin Morgan, Amazon - Car and Driver

Photo credit history: Collin Morgan, Amazon – Vehicle and Driver

Cellphones are integral to our every day life we use them for perform, for entertaining, and, of class, for communication. They have even infiltrated our motor vehicles, exactly where they provide tunes, maps, and fingers-totally free messaging. Due to the fact keeping a telephone in your hand is much too distracting when driving, when you should use yours for navigation or choosing the appropriate tunes, a motor vehicle mobile phone mount is the instrument you will need.

An additional alternative is cell phone mirroring, and pretty much just about every new car nowadays has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capacity, which can broadcast details from your cellular phone onto a display in the automobile, either through a USB cable or, in some circumstances, wirelessly. But if your motor vehicle will not have it, or you want to show an app that isn’t portion of the constrained number that get the job done with these features, a auto cellular phone mount is still a excellent choice.

The thought of a motor vehicle cell phone mount is simple: show essential data although reducing distraction. To combat the distraction factor, telephone holders have been engineered to keep your mobile phone close to your line of sight to the street. A few principal styles of car cellular phone mounts have emerged: cupholder, vent, and window/dash. All conduct the very same standard perform, but in distinct locations that cater to your car or truck.

In normal, auto mobile phone mounts assortment in selling price from $20 to $70. The pricing appears to be to correlate more with the selection of attributes than the quality of the mount. Incredibly, one particular of our favorites was amongst the most affordable.

Cupholder Mounts

Photo credit: Collin Morgan - Car and Driver

Photograph credit rating: Collin Morgan – Motor vehicle and Driver

Suitable off the bat, cupholder mounts are basically worthless unless you have elevated cupholders up by your radio and HVAC controls. They are excellent for truckers, cargo vans, and some pickups, wherever they can deliver a approximately best placement for your phone—with a disadvantage being 1 significantly less place for that gasoline-station slushy.

—great for motor vehicles with lifted cupholders
—ideal cellphone positioning and adjustability

—only usable in certain automobiles
—takes up a cupholder put

Vent Mounts

Photo credit: Collin Morgan - Car and Driver

Picture credit score: Collin Morgan – Car or truck and Driver

Vent mounts mix some beautiful perks to produce a low-cost and handy position to secure your cell phone. They come in all types of variants, such as magnets and clamp kinds, and they may well include things like wireless charging. The line of sight is excellent, but you will reduce out on some air-conditioned airflow.

—great line of sight
—works with just about each and every variety of car or truck

—clamping, which may differ significantly among the models, is often inadequate
—blocks airflow from the vent it’s mounted to

Window/Sprint Mounts

Photo credit: Collin Morgan - Car and Driver

Photograph credit history: Collin Morgan – Motor vehicle and Driver

If you’re wanting for the best line of sight to your phone, a window/dash mount is tricky to defeat. In possibly locale, you can regulate your eyes involving the phone and the road in the shortest length. This will come in useful throughout difficult city driving, wherever using your eyes off the highway can induce you to miss a turn. Nonetheless, the great line of sight to your mobile phone comes with diminished highway visibility, and any blockage increases threat.

—fantastic line of sight
—flexibility to mount on windshield or dashboard

—impedes highway visibility
—can leave a residue ring on windshield
—dash mounting necessitates a sticky mounting plate

Screening Parameters

When screening these mounts, we employed five parameters: mounting strength, cellular phone grip toughness, grip adjustability, magnet power (if relevant), and charging operation (if applicable). These parameters were tested underneath aggressive driving on curves and straightforward hand checks to simulate jarring driving.

We employed the foundation Iphone 13 and, when tests with a case, an OtterBox Commuter. All through tests of magnet power and charging procedure, we analyzed each individual relevant mount with both scenario-on and situation-off checks and observed the success.

For the magnet take a look at in individual, none of the mounts had magnets impressive sufficient to maintain the cellular phone through the case. To overcome this, a stick-on magnet is provided with most magnetic mounts—but this provides an accent to your scenario, which some people never always want. In brief, to thoroughly appreciate the power of a magnetic mobile phone mount, removing of the case or installation of the sticky magnet is essential.

Our Picks for the Greatest Auto Cellular phone Holders

Check Motor vehicle

To test all of these telephone mounts, we took a journey at the rear of the wheel of a Genesis G70 3.3T Sport Prestige. The 4-door sports sedan proved to be adaptable on the journey, which included streets as a result of towns and mountains. Hearing the twin-turbo 3.3-liter V-6’s bellow bouncing off structures supplied just as much enjoyment as carving up the Blue Ridge Parkway. The front seats have been comfortable for extensive stints, and the aspect bolsters stiffened in Sport and Activity+ modes for additional spirited driving. The back seat’s lack of legroom, having said that, makes the G70 a inadequate choice for a people today mover. For the driver, Brembo brakes, two turbos, and a raucous exhaust will improve an off-the-overwhelmed-path road journey.

The Trip

To test the cellular phone mounts, we took a road excursion from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Norfolk, Virginia, with different stops alongside the way. We went via Pittsburgh, where by we enjoyed a awesome view of the Metal Town, then stopped at the Flight 93 National Memorial in the hills of central Pennsylvania. Onward we darted down again streets by the foothills of Appalachia, skirting the Potomac, right until we achieved the I-95 corridor and Norfolk.

Returning to Michigan, we took a unique path. We traversed westward by Virginia till we attained the northern gateway to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Here, the Genesis was at home—relishing the curves and supplying voice to its throaty exhaust. A number of mounts failed to endure the g-loading in this article. At Buena Vista, we left the parkway and danced close to the mountains of West Virginia to Charleston, blaring John Denver the whole way. All over the state’s rural countryside, the Genesis stuck out like a sore thumb. A speedy skip up to Columbus returned us to flat terrain, and we stayed on the freeway for the relaxation of the trip back to Grand Rapids.

The Ideal of the Rest

Cupholder Mounts

Vent Mounts

Window/Sprint Mounts

How to Pick out the Very best Car Cellular phone Mount for You

Deciding upon the correct mobile phone mount for you and your vehicle truly arrives down to exactly where you want to see the display screen. If you have superior cupholders, that design and style could be the easiest route. If you want to see your cellular phone elevated toward the street with out mounting it on the dashboard or windshield, a vent mount is a good preference. And if you want the best line of sight to your cellphone, albeit with a slight knock against total visibility, a window/dash mount would perform for you.

Whichever your personal desire, bear in mind that protection is the topic below. Our phones should really be on display only for essential things—not for scrolling Fb or catching up on your streaming reveals. So go out there, fire up your preferred maps app, toss your cell phone on your new mount, and get pleasure from your next generate!


What type of car mount is most effective?

This fully is dependent on what you might be looking for. There are mounts with magnets, clamping arms, wi-fi charging, and even Alexa integration. Our assistance is to imagine about the attributes you would most prefer and look for for a mobile phone mount with them in intellect.

Where by is the finest location to place a phone holder in your auto?

Relies upon on the automobile. Cupholder mounts are super effortless to use, but you require a automobile with cupholders close to the windshield. Vent mounts are excellent, but the cellphone blocks airflow from the vent it really is mounted to. And window/sprint mounts are an the best possible decision for line of sight with the street, but they can lessen your visibility by means of the windshield or leave a sticky ring on your dashboard.

Do magnetic motor vehicle mounts hurt telephones?

No. Present day chip engineering is produced with nonmagnetic supplies, so your phone is thoroughly harmless.

Are car or truck vent mounts secure?

Automobile vent mounts are risk-free, but telephones are a distraction no make any difference exactly where they are. On the other hand, you can lessen risk by positioning your vent mount in close proximity to your watch of the road.

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