The Advantages of Having an Armrest in Your Car

How often have you lost something small in the front of your car, and then spent ages trying to find it? When you do eventually track it down you see it has wedged itself between the transmission tunnel and the side of the seat. Despite your best efforts and all the improvised devices to try and remove that pen, 5p piece, or mobile phone it simply will not come out. You have tried the chewing gum on the stick, flicking it to one end or the other only to see that the end is blocked so will not come out. You have forced your hand into a gap that a child’s hand would not fit into, you feel that rush of excitement as your fingers actually manage to touch it, then that realisation that not only can you not grip it, but your hand is now firmly wedged and it is going to cost you at least some skin to pull it out. For all those occasions we believe we there is a solution to the problem; fitting a centre armrest.

I know you are thinking how will resting my arm prevent me losing money down the side of my seat? The answer is simple; the centre armrest will not only allow you to rest your arm whilst driving but they also feature a storage space. Simply lift up the top of the armrest and underneath is a small storage compartment, ideal for keeping all those small items that would normally cause such a problem when they slip down the side of the seat. The armrest is quick and easy to fit right between the two front seats of your vehicle. The armrest is supplied with full fitting instructions that allow you to fit it yourself, even if you are no DIY expert. Most armrests simply bolt or screw into place between the two front seats and will take less than an hour to fit. Once fitted they provide an ideal storage location for those items such as mobile phones, iPods, house keys, loose change, pens etc. that you often need but can never seem to put your hands on when you need them.

Although some of the manufacturers do not offer a genuine armrest as an accessory there are a range of generic armrests that are available for most vehicles. If you have any issues, it is best to ask a retailer regarding your brand of car and which armrest would be appropriate.

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