The Difference Between Vehicle Hard Disk Video Recorder and Ordinary Video Recorder

The Difference Between Vehicle Video Recorder and Ordinary DVR.

We are always asked by our clients, that is, what is the difference between Vehicle Hard Disk Recorder and ordinary Video Recorder? Actually, this is a professional question.

In light of their uses, there is no big difference, and they are all used for monitoring and recording. However, there is a big difference in light of their working environment.

1. Working Voltage: The Working Voltage of Vehicle Hard Disk Recorder is 24V (direct current), while the ordinary Recorder is 220V (alternating current).

2. Cameras: Vehicle Recorder usually has 2 or 4 cameras, for both monitoring and picturing, while ordinary DVR cameras are all for monitoring.

3. Hard disk: Vehicle Video Recorder adopts 2.5″ mobile disk, with good anti-shock performance, while ordinary ones adopt 3.5″. In addition, the key feature of Vehicle Recorder is its mobility, and easy disassembling, or the monitoring information might be a big concern.

4. Anti-shock: Vehicle DVR adopts professional anti-shock system, which can defuse shock of all vehicle types. Ordinary Recorder only adopts simple anti-shock system, or even no anti-shock system at all.

5. Working temperature: The Working temperature is 40–+80°for Vehicle Hard Disk Video Recorder and -20°—+20° for ordinary recorder.

6. To sum up, in light of the function and performance, there is a great deal discrepancy between Vehicle DVR and ordinary recorder, and you should make a good comparison before purchasing.

Definitely, there are some other differences, and you will have to explore by yourselves. I hope my passage is of some help for you.

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