Truck Tonneau Covers – 6 Ways That Work

Truck Tonneau Covers – 6 Ways That Work

Truck tonneau covers are a great accessory for any truck. Many truck owners choose a bed cover for the sleek look. But you get the aerodynamics too which might even improve your fuel mileage a little bit. Don’t forget the security for your cargo which you get by locking your load out of sight of the curious.

The choices for covers is bewildering. There are many suppliers and many manufacturers, but the covers fall into just a few types. Consider the following six main types of covers.

1. Soft covers

The least expensive covers are soft vinyl covers. But soft covers can be snap on, roll up, hinged, tri-fold as well as seal and peel. A vinyl cover is light weight while still giving protection for cargo from weather and prying eyes. Roll up and tri-fold covers are especially good if you frequently haul tall cargo since they’re easy to move out of the way of the cargo. Even an inexpensive cover can make your truck look better and can protect your cargo.

2. Folding covers

Soft vinyl covers come in fold up versions. But you can even get folding covers in hard versions too. Choose a material like mirror frames and door handles are made from. Even some metal covers come in folding versions. Some folders will fold forward or backward so you can open up the front or the rear of the bed. More secure than soft covers and most will lock and keep out rain and snow.

3. Retractable covers

Retractable tonneau covers roll up into a protective canister much like a window shade. You get security like a garage door on the back of your truck bed. Often made of one piece of aluminum, you get locking security and easy access to any part of the back of your truck. Premium protection and good looks.

4. Hard covers

Hard covers can be folding or hinged and are available in metal, fiberglass and plastics as well as resin materials. More expensive than soft covers but more secure too and a different look.

5. Hinged covers

Hinged covers create the ultimate trunk with hydraulic cylinders to assist in lifting the lid and holding it up. Excellent access to all areas of the bed, but not so good for tall cargo like refrigerators for example. Also you can get a two piece cover hinged in the middle so you open the lid on each side of the truck and access the bed from the sides rather than from the back.

6. Tool box covers

If you need a tool box, you can get a bed cover that fits around your box or choose a cover with an integral box. Either way you get security, weather protection and good looks.

A tonneau cover is a sleek addition to an older truck or a new truck. It’s a great way to increase the usefulness of a pickup. Choose the type that best suits the way you use your truck and the look you like and that fits your budget.

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