Used Car Market in India

Used Car Market in India

Used car market in India is rapidly growing up across the country. There are several reasons behind this rapid growth. The demand for second hand cars in India is huge. It is to be estimated that from past five years there is 20 % increase in demand of used cars in India due to the affordable range available in the used car market in India.

An ordinary man in India may not have enough money to buy a brand new showroom car due to financial limitations and thus more and more middle class and lower middle class people are quite content to buy the second hand cars and fulfill their dreams. The other main reasons for the booming market of the used in India are higher rates of interest and less liquidity in market let to the increase of demand.

Sometimes the people want to experience the luxury car brand like Audi but due to the less budget he should be opt for the another alternative but in that case you can go with the used Audi car range and can easily grab their dream car from used car market in India.

Some of the eminent certified used car dealers in India are – Maruti True Value, Honda Auto Terrace, Ford Assured, Toyota U Trust, Hyundai Advantage, Mahindra and Mahindra’s First Choice and many more are yet come to India. The branded used car chains have realized the potential for used car market in India.

Many big giants are planning to increase their business in the used car market on the other hand some of them have already made their branches in several regions like Maruti True Value already has 270 outlets, Mahindra also plans to boost its numbers to 300 outlets in coming five years. Other manufactures are following the same strategy.

Car makers in India have grabbed fast that the used car market in India can make large revenue. The leading car players declare that their used car ventures are paying handsome dividends. Therefore the companies are now making it obligatory for their dealers to run used car outlets also. These outlets will surely meet the high quality standards and every car is finely inspected by trained technicians. So that the buyers will not be get in any trouble in future.

The branded cars outlets are easily win the trust of the consumers and also offer the various services like finances, insurance and many others.

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