Volunteer Vette has Everything to Keep Your 1953-2013 Corvette Running Cool

Volunteer Vette has Everything to Keep Your 1953-2013 Corvette Running Cool

As the weather in many parts of the country begins to cool, we’re reminded that it’s also exceedingly important to keep your Corvette running cool too. If your Corvette is running warmer than normal or it’s just time for a good old-fashioned upgrade, our friends over at Volunteer Vette have all bits you’ll need for the job.

Your engine’s cooling system is a critical part of your Corvette’s overall health. It’s like a high-end timepiece. You must maintain it properly to keep it functioning like it should. Over the years, though, your cooling system can suffer a myriad of issues. You could end up with something as simple as a leaking thermostat housing gasket or a clamp that no longer holds like it used to. On the other hand, you could have a corroded radiator that no longer retains fluid inside where it belongs. Well, no matter what your cooling system needs, Volunteer Vette stocks what you’re looking for.

Each generation’s webpage is neatly broken down into multiple sections based on whatever specific item you may need. Their C1 Cooling system collection contains everything from a $12.99 Hose Clamp Sets to their $1,479.99 restoration radiators. Volunteer’s C2 cooling options build on the C1 content, and also adds peripheral items like fan shrouds, core supports, and complete water pumps.

Volunteer Vette has Everything to Keep Your 1953-2013 Corvette Running Cool

When we jump to the 3rd generation of Corvette you’ll find 3 sections dedicated to early, mid, and later model C3’s. This ensures that you get the correct item no where your ride falls within that lengthy C3 era.

Upshifting to C4’s and C5’s we begin to see more electrical-type widgets like relays, fan switches, and sending units in addition to staples like hoses and thermostats.

The 6th generation Corvette offered many engine and cooling configurations between 2004 and 2013, and Volunteer Vettes has kept pace. Just check out the various radiator options which complement their selection of water pumps, hoses, and surge tanks, among other items.

Volunteer Vette has Everything to Keep Your 1953-2013 Corvette Running Cool

Here’s a short list of links to all the cooling system goodness that Volunteer Vette offers:

C1 Corvette: 1953 – 1962

C2 Corvette: 1963 – 1967

C3 Corvette: 1968 – 1972

C3 Corvette: 1973 – 1977

C3 Corvette: 1978 – 1982

C4 Corvette: 1984 – 1996

C5 Corvette: 1997 – 2004

C6 Corvette: 2005 – 2013

We all know that the CorvetteBlogger staff is cool. Well, your Corvette’s engine should be too, and Volunteer Vette’s extensive engine cooling portfolio contains virtually anything you’ll need to complete your project. If you have a problem or a question about your Corvette’s cooling system or any other Volunteer Vette product, just reach out to one of their product experts who’ll help you find the solution you’re looking for. When you place an order, most ship the same or the next day. Give them a call today at (865) 521-9100 or send an email to [email protected].

Volunteer Vette Catalogs - Request Yours Today!

You can find the entire parts catalog for Volunteer Vette online at their website, www.VolVette.com. Corvette owners can also request a printed catalog if that’s more your speed. Click here to request your free Corvette Parts catalog from Volunteer Vette or call (865) 521-9100 to speak with one of their helpful representatives.


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