Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Car Window Replacement on Your Own

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt Car Window Replacement on Your Own

If any of the windows of your car have become cracked or chipped, it’s important to get them replaced as soon as possible. Broken windows are not only an obvious major safety issue, but also make your car unroadworthy. Some car owners who have experience fixing cars might think they can do the car window replacement work themselves to save some money, but this isn’t recommended. There are a few good reasons why you shouldn’t attempt car window replacementon your own, some of which this article will explore in detail below.

Window Edges Won’t Get Sealed Properly

When you try to replace the windshield on your car yourself, it’s likely you’ll fail to seal the edges properly despite your best efforts. Car window glass is put under an enormous amount of pressure when exposed to wind, rain, hail and other strong weather conditions. A window that isn’t properly sealed could move around or succumb to the effects of the elements and leak, causing damage to other parts of your car.

The Glass Could Break

Anyone that tries car window replacement by themselves is far more likely to accidentally break the glass during the process compared to a professional car window installer. When you do the job yourself, it’s likely that you won’t be using the correct equipment needed to hold and support the glass when moving it into its desired position. This equipment is essential, as trying to hold the edges while moving the car window glass around will put stress on it that can lead to small cracks that will get larger when pressure is applied, causing it to eventually break.

Safety is Compromised

An improperly installed car window is more likely to crack and break. In the worst-case scenario, all the little bits of glass could fly everywhere and potentially cut passengers as well as the driver, causing them to potentially crash the car. Not only is this dangerous for anyone sitting inside the car, but it’s also a serious issue for other drivers on the road too. A properly installed car window plays a role in protecting passengers and preventing the risk of crashing.

Deceased Visibility

Cracks in car windows can distort the quality of the view for the driver and other motorists. It’s imperative for drivers to have a completely clear line of sight while driving so they can properly see what’s happening on the road, especially at nighttime. If you attempt window replacement yourself, you could experience visibility-related issues that are extremely dangerous, increasing the risk of an accident.

Legal Consequences

There are multiple legal issues that can arise due to an improperly installed car window. Driving with a chipped or cracked car window will not only endanger the driver and passengers, but could also get the driver in serious trouble with the law. It’s illegal to drive with a compromised window. If a police officer sees a chipped or cracked window, they’re likely to issue the driver with an expensive fine and a vehicle defect notice that deems the car unroadworthy.

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