Add some flair to your vehicle with these great car antenna toppers

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Many people enjoy customizing their vehicles. Whether it’s something simple like adding a sticker or two to the back or something more complex like changing out your car’s parts, there’s no end to how you can make your vehicle your own. One of the most fun (and nonpermanent) ways to customize your ride, though, is with a car antenna topper.

Car antenna toppers can look pretty silly at first glance, but they can be a great way to show off your personality, give friends and strangers a good laugh, or even impress your kids (or at least try to). Not all car decorations have to be “cool” or “stylish,” so check out our list of favorite car antenna toppers to consider adding to your vehicle.

Detailing our favorite car antenna toppers of 2022

Coolballs Green Alien Antenna Topper: Classic option

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The iconic alien design has been around for decades. While aliens would probably look nothing like this if they did exist, it’s always fun to look at their large heads and big eyes and imagine “What if…?” This Coolballs antenna topper turns your radio receiver into a menace to humanity– or at the very least, a menace to any birds that might come near your car. This particular topper works well because of how aliens “look,” (or how we think they look). They’re often portrayed with slender frames and dark clothing, and since the default look of a car antenna is thin and black in color, this topper can make it look like you have a mini alien figurine just chilling on your car. It’s a silly sight to be sure, but one that can really leave an impression, especially on a “close encounter.”


  • Compatible with standard cars, trucks, and SUVs

  • Fun, unique design

  • Rear-view mirror and dashboard accessories included


Tenna Tops Pretty Butterfly Topper: Another great option

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If “aliens” might be what a young boy would want on their car antenna when they grow up, then butterflies are probably the equivalent for girls. This butterfly from Tenna Tops looks like something you’d see in a children’s book, and this can be great if you have a little one that loves the fluttery critters. Its bright colors and patterns help this lovely topper stand out no matter where you are. This butterfly design doesn’t just look nice, it also works well while you’re driving. If you go fast enough, it can look like a butterfly is following your vehicle, and this can be really fun for kids. It’s pretty “childish” as far as car accessories go, but if it makes your child happy, who really cares?


  • Easily stands out

  • “Flies” along as you drive

  • Soft, durable, and waterproof


YGMONER Happy Bee Antenna Topper: Also consider

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Bees are one of the most important critters on our planet. They’re responsible for pollinating many different plants and flowers, and without them, it would be very difficult for nature to adapt. If you’re someone who appreciates what bees do for our environment, you can show your support for your favorite little workers by sporting this bee topper on your car’s antenna. If bees just aren’t your thing, there are also a few other options you can choose from on YGMONER’s store page. They have cats, ducks, monkeys, and more, so you can have your pick of which animal you want to add to your car’s antenna. Maybe even consider buying more than one so you can switch up your toppers every now and then.



KOOBOOK Halloween Skull Topper Set: Another option

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Our last two car antenna toppers are ideal for a time of year when car toppers are more commonly seen– Halloween. During the Halloween season, people decorate their homes with all sorts of spooky decorations, and this topper is one way to make your second home a little more spooky, too. The skulls in this set of four toppers from KOOBOOK all feature the same design, the only difference being their actual color. If you have more than one vehicle you could put a different topper on each, or simply switch them out as you like. You could also give one to your child or pet as a kind of toy if you want, which is a nice added bonus and great for everyone involved.


  • Set of four toppers

  • Comes in various colors

  • Great for Halloween


COGEEK Big Eyes Bat Car Antenna Topper: Also try

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It may look like this COGEEK car topper is a little devil at first glance, but it’s actually not as dark as you might think– it’s really a bat, albeit one with comically devilish features. Its large eyes and round body make this topper look almost like an emoji you’d see online, and all the little details packed into its design make this topper one of our favorites. If there’s anything to be concerned about, it might be about giving people the wrong idea. Some people might think this is a devil and get upset, even if it’s really just a bat. If you’re not worried about this though, feel free to show off this cute little critter as you “fly” around town this Halloween.


  • Great attention to detail

  • Versatile– great pencil-topper and cat toy

  • Compatible with many vehicles


Buying guide: Car antenna toppers

Antenna toppers don’t really serve a practical purpose, but they’re great to have nonetheless. Learn more about car antenna toppers in this short buyer’s guide.

What is a car antenna topper?

As the name suggests, a car antenna topper is an accessory that goes on top of your car’s antenna. The actual topper can take the form of anything you’d like– it can be a bug, a face, or any other object. Car antenna toppers are a form of decoration, and they can add a little personality to your vehicle.

Car antenna toppers are made out of waterproof material, usually something light like EVA foam. This allows the topper to stay in place on your antenna without damaging it.

Why you should consider using a car antenna topper

For a lot of people, the idea of adding a car antenna topper to their vehicle may be too silly to actually do, but there are a few reasons why people enjoy using them.

They’re silly… in a good way

There’s no denying the humor factor of car antenna toppers. After all, most car antenna toppers probably look drastically different from your car’s appearance. A cute little butterfly floating atop a Ford F-150? This juxtaposition is the reason why it looks so funny, and in this case, it’s a good thing.

Not everybody has a good day every day. Maybe someone had to work overtime, or maybe they just had a fight with their significant other– it could even be something as mundane as spilling coffee on themselves. These things can seriously ruin your day, and sometimes a little silliness is a perfect thing to cheer someone up.

We’re not saying that you’ll instantly become the talk of the town with a bee flying over your car, but if at least one person looks at your topper and smiles, we feel that the car topper has done its job.

They can help with celebrating occasions

Depending on local festivities, having a car antenna topper can really help you get into the mood and add something to the overall “vibe” of the occasion. A prime example of this would be Halloween, a time of the year when people decorate their front yards with all sorts of comically spooky creepy crawlies. 

There are plenty of Halloween-themed car antenna toppers, and this can make your ride a little more interesting during the Halloween season. Not only will your home be decorated with spooky stuff, but you can also turn your car into a nightmare on wheels– although hopefully not too scary!

Another thing topper
s are great for is celebrating the changing of the seasons. When the first flowers of the year bloom and the bees start coming out again, you might want to “spring” for a flower- or bee-shaped topper. If it’s Christmas time, maybe pick up a snowman- or Santa-shaped topper to help celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

Car antenna toppers can certainly be used every day, but they stand out most when they’re used during festivities– people will understand why you’re using one, and it will help everyone get into the holiday spirit.

Tips for choosing a car antenna topper

If you’re thinking about picking up a car antenna topper for yourself or a loved one, here are a couple things you might want to know first.

Find one that won’t look too large on your antenna

There’s a certain antenna-length-to-topper-size ratio that you should be aware of. If you have a topper that’s too large it’ll stick out like a sore thumb, but if it’s too small then it won’t stand out at all and will end up looking like a piece of debris stuck on your antenna.

The key to choosing the right antenna topper size is to find one that doesn’t look too large or too small. This can be difficult to visualize, but try to think of a typical lollipop’s head-to-stick proportions. You can use this as a rule of thumb when picking a size that will fit your vehicle.

Pick a shape or design perfect for the occasion

When picking a topper, the most important thing to always consider is the actual shape and look of the topper itself. Toppers can take many forms, and a lot of them are related to a certain occasion or festivity. There are many such toppers on the market, so you should always be able to find one that matches the occasion.

You might need a different approach when picking a topper for everyday use, though. Remember, a topper that you’ll use every day is one people will see throughout the year, so you’ll want something that isn’t tied to a certain holiday. This definitely isn’t a requirement, but it helps prevent people from thinking that you just forgot to take the topper off after the occasion.

Find something that you enjoy looking at. It could be an animal, insect, or even something mundane like a ball. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter– as long as you like it, you should be good to go.

Do car antenna toppers affect antenna performance?

While it may look like a car antenna topper would affect connectivity to your local radio stations, rest assured, because you should be able to connect without issue. There haven’t been any concrete tests done to prove this, but people who use car antenna toppers generally don’t experience any issues getting a signal from their local AM and FM stations.

People also asked

Q: Are car antenna toppers safe around kids?

A: As long as they’re securely installed, they should be safe around kids– they won’t be able to reach the toppers in the first place, so you shouldn’t have to worry.

Q: What are car antenna toppers for?

A: Car antenna toppers provide a form of decoration to your vehicle.

Q: Are car antenna toppers waterproof?

A: Car antenna toppers are waterproof, so they can remain on your antenna even in the event of rain.

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