Suzuki Jimny Convertible hits the road, but don’t get too excited…

Suzuki Jimny Convertible hits the road, but don’t get too excited…

How do you make the world’s most lovable car even more lovable? Go topless!

It’s the headline we all want to read.

The hugely popular and infinitely lovable Suzuki Jimny has dropped its top and is ready for summer!

Sadly though, this Kinetic Yellow example is a one-off, created by a tuner in China, YiChe Garage. And they didn’t stop at the roof.

As reported by US publisher Motor 1, and Indian publisher DriveSpark, the Jimny has not only gone topless, it has face-swapped with the upcoming GWM Tank 4×4, adopting a new name in the process (as a play on Chinese naming convention), Conscience.

According to the reports, the Jimny (which is not available in China) was imported at significant cost, and then modified again, at significant cost. Tank 300 rear lamps have also been fitted, as have custom carbon-fibre fender flares and Volk racing wheels. The interior has been retrimmed too.

While we’re not all that enamoured by the modifications, the Jimny chop-top really does work. Retaining a central roll-hoop for rigidity, the compact 4×4 suits a convertible conversion, much like Jimnys and Sierras of old.

When the original Suzuki LJ10 arrived in 1970, it was only available with a soft top. A convertible was part of the little Suzuki lineup through the LJ20 and SJ20 generations, but perhaps best known when the Sierra name was adopted for the Australian market.

The Suzuki Sierra was offered with a soft top between 1981 and 1998. A convertible was available up until 2001 on the third-generation ‘Jimny’ platform, albeit with an awkward triangular pillar section to provide more structural surety than the simple roll hoop.

So far there are no official plans to offer a cabriolet version of the current Jimny, but given how good the custom job looks, we’d love to see this come to market.

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